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  1. Love this workflow! It has recently stopped working however. When I use the currency conversion it returns 0.00 rather than the real result. I've run Fixum but that didn't fix the issue.
  2. One of the best workflows! Can you please add support for Firefox though?
  3. One of the best workflows on Alfred. This should be the first one to be download. Superb job!
  4. Love this workflow, thanks! I use custom labels that have text in them. When I choose the colour it simply adds a new label without the text. Is there a way to add custom labels?
  5. Great workflow! When I search however, the results aren't clickable. Can you update this for Outlook 16?
  6. Great workflow! Couple of points: 1. Unlike other Alfred workflows, the only way to get out of this is to close the Alfred bar. If i simply do backspace/esc it doesn't work and stays within the workflow. 2. It would be very useful to add multiple Google calendars. I have a few accounts on Gmail (work, personal etc) and it would be great to see them all. Otherwise great job!
  7. Love the dark one! Good job!
  8. Hi, With the new Mac OS High Sierra, spotlight has drastically improved. The search function on spotlight is simply better than Alfred's. I was always a big proponent of Alfred to my business partner and now he's rubbing it in my face. What I like about spotlight is the file previews on the side but more importantly it just finds more stuff. It will find files based on tags, show you website suggestions, apple music and whole bunch of other things. Can one configure Alfred to do the same both in terms of the file previews and to make the search
  9. Hi, I've updated it to the newest version. I even deleted it completely and re-downloaded. I've logged out and in again. It's still not working correctly. I will get the notification that the task has been added but when I check wunderlist it's not there. If I create a new list I get the same issue (notification but not actually appearing in WL). Any suggestions would be much appreciated! edit: ah wait. it is adding to WL but for some reason only on the WL web app while its not showing me the updated stuff on the WL desktop app. Odd, I'll see if I can figure it out.
  10. How do you update the contact list? Right now, I believe it's showing your contact list and not mine!
  11. Please bring this out for v3! I don't like the Unicall one at all. I want to be able to send messages from Alfred directly.
  12. Nice. But you haven't linked to where to download it? What node dependencies are required for this?
  13. Is there a way to send a message to a contact directly from Alfred? Rather than it opening imessage and having to type the text. For example: 'callm John' would show the contacts as it does now and then i can choose the John I want to text and it comes up something like this: Callm John Smith: Are we still meeting tonight? And pressing enter sends the text right from Alfred. How can it be done?
  14. Hmm, I've download it and I don't like as much as yours. I loved that I could message contacts from within alfred rather than opening the imessage app.
  15. This doesn't seem to be working anymore. I will type im and then begin to write the name but then when i press enter it just closes Alfred. Any ideas?
  16. I absolutely loved this workflow and was easily one of my favourites. However, recently it hasn't been working. Whenever adding a new item to a list, either it says it was added but nothing appears on WL or I get an error. I've tried deleting the workflow and reinstalling but nothing. If I go into preferences it says: Error in workflow 'com.ipaterson.alfred.wunderlist' Instance matching query does not exist Any help?
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