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  1. wow, well that was a much different solution than I thought. But that worked, it opened a new instance of chrome that allowed me to sign in to a different account, what exactly is happening with this, because it asked me to make chrome default, like it was a completely fresh install. Also, thank you so much for your help with this!
  2. Ok great, but what do I put in that directory to define the user profile? Sorry for the noobish questions
  3. Thank you so much for making that for me, now im confused though. Firstly I do not know how to create correct type of folder like you mentioned there, so I figured I would just got to the file and see if I can figure it out, but my computer doesnt seem to have a chrome folder inside the Google folder in application support. Sorry for the confusion I wish I knew more about this, I understand if your too busy to help, you have already done so much, thank you!
  4. Hey sorry, just doing this quickly at work, I will look into your workflow, I actually use your Incognito Workflow all the time so good job on that, Ill try to figure out what you mean and try that with a modification of yours! Thank you so much for your help so far, I'll see what I can do!
  5. That would work as well I guess, but how would I make a workflow that launches a specific link in a specific profile? I have tried using the workflow on the forums that does this (launches link with new profile) but it doesn't appear to be working for me
  6. Good afternoon Everyone, I have a few ideas that have been bugging me for a while that Im pretty sure alfred could do but I just don't have the knowledge to figure it out. You all have helped me with some awesome stuff in past so hopefully this is possible and easy 1. All the time I find myself opening chrome incognito, logging into a different account, and then opening the spreadsheet I wanted to use. Can I make a workflow that opens chrome incognito, logs into the specific account I need for that spreadsheet and then opens the link? If so, how do I do that. I've seen workflows that are close but I couldnt get them to work for me. 2. I use Google Play Music Desktop Player for whatever reason I chose that service. Well I have a workflow that I edited a bit to show me lyrics from Genius.com for the current track, but I havent been able to make it work for Google Music Desktop Player, it was working for iTunes but I no longer use that. So launching the current song into a search on genius is something I manually do all the time and would love if I could do it automatically. I mean I would love a full featured workflow that allowed me to add songs to playlists but starting with just using the current song name to do a search would be great, I will include the current workflow I have that I cannot port to Google Play Music Desktop Player (and thats the name of the actual program if that is needed) (turns out I cannot upload that workflow, here is a link to the original but I had modified it to work with regular Genius.com instead of rap genius. http://www.packal.org/workflow/find-lyrics-current-song-rap-genius Thank you so much for anyone that can help with these, they have been bugging me for a while
  7. ixium

    Smart calculations with Numi

    Quick update, failed to connect to local does not happen when the app is running, so simple fix for now is to leave the app open, hope this helps
  8. ixium

    Smart calculations with Numi

    Same problem for me Failed to connect to localhost
  9. ixium

    Workflow to stop bad habbits

    thank you so much, that should be exactly what I need. Yea I couldnt belive the simple trick of changing my password works. Its funny I can stop it for a few weeks but then I just break and go back to biting, I swear it helps me consentrate on things ( I find myself doing it when im working on something I have to think about a lot or talking on the phone with someone) but its something I need to break! thank you for your efforts and your story, I also play guitar and would love to get into finger picking so that would be very helpful. So for violen im guessing that means you have to press the notes with your nails, not your fingertips? Thats interesting
  10. Ok so I have a question about an idea I want to make, please let me know if this is possible. I would like to have a workflow that you tell, every x hours or minutes, pop up the alfred window with predefined text and ask you to enter text and hit enter. Let me explain, I am a nail biter and have been my whole life. I had beaten this before by doing a very simple and interesting trick, changing my password on my computer. It was an article I read about doing this simple thing will help you remember to keep it in your mind, and it did work, I changed my computer password to stopbitingyournails and had to type it every time I turned the computer on, that simple task of writing it out gave me enough mindfulness to catch myself when I strayed, but the problem is I dont log into my computer but once a day now a days so I was wondering, can I make alfred, lets say every hour, pop up and say "Remember this" or something and make me type something in the bar to close it, I dont need it to check and make sure I wrote it out correctly or anything because I will make myself write out sbyn (stop biting your nails) so it doesnt have to validate or anything, just give me the quick reminder that I have to interact with to close, Im sure I could do this with reminders but I was thinking the whole reason that it worked for me before was that I had to interact with the password by typing it in and thats what made it stick I know its a weird one, but you guys and this plugin are always amazing and have redefined a lot of my current workflows Thank you for anyone that can help!
  11. Still having no luck with this, no errors kicking out, I dont know how to find the popup window is is supposed to be clicking, I do have the accessibility inspector but I dont know how to use it to find the numbers I need I dont want to keep bothering you with this, so thank you so much for your help so far, I will just have to manualy delete the signature for now, not too big of a deal Thank you again for all the help youve put into this over the past few days!
  12. im on sierra 10.12.3 mail is 10.2 (3259)
  13. Nothing coming up in there after trying it, it inputs the right email address but then does nothing, you confirmed this working on your end?
  14. Thank you so much for your help so far, I am having no luck with this, I have set up blank signatures on all accounts, now when I hit the hotkey it puts the correct address in the sender but then just sits there and does not continue forward any ideas?
  15. Thank you for looking into that for me, I dont know enough about this stuff to implement it corectly, where would I put this code in my code? new code try set message signature of new_message to signature mySignature on error --BUG SIERRA tell application "Mail" to activate tell application "System Events" tell process "Mail" click pop up button 1 of window 1 delay 0.1 keystroke "g" --put here the first letter of the name of your signature delay 0.1 keystroke return delay 0.1 end tell end tell end try My code on alfred_script(q) set myComment to "xxxx@boards.trello.com"set theName to "Some name"set theAddress to "Some email address" try set the clipboard to myComment tell application "Mail" set theSelection to selection set theForwardedMessage to forward (item 1 of theSelection) with opening window tell theForwardedMessage make new to recipient at end of to recipients with properties {name:theName, address:theAddress} end tell activate tell application "System Events" to keystroke "v" using {command down} delay 1 send theForwardedMessage end tellend tryend alfred_script