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  1. still having no luck figuring this one out sadly, have to click this button like 10 times a day heh
  2. You are incredible, thank you so much!
  3. that is awesome, thank you so much! Is there any way to restrict it to only 2 points after the decimal, thank you so much for the help!
  4. Is there another copy of this workflow around? I am looking for this specific function and am having no luck
  5. Hmm that didnt seem to do the trick and the other stuff is way over my head. Im looking for something to do this exactly I input {query} it takes that and preforms 2 calculations and outputs both results {query}*(1/60)=Decimal then Decimal*25= $Result then I need to paste Decimal and $Result I did find a workflow that was made a few years ago with a workflow that did the first part of this calculation but that link is now dead, anyone have any ideas, im surprised there isnt a simple function in workflows to do calculations, I dont know much about this stuff though
  6. Yea im just trying to find a way to use the built in calculator quicker, its a simple calculation I have to do often for time entires. I will look at the literature you provided, thank you
  7. How do I preform simple calculations in a workflow, I need to have the workflow take my input and do this {querr}*(1/60)= very simple, just not sure how to make a workflow do that. Thank you
  8. anyone have any guidance?
  9. So im working on a very simple workflow to log into another computer in my office Im using this at the moment and it works great on alfred_script(q) tell application "Screen Sharing" open location "vnc://elisa.local" end tell end alfred_script this launched the application and a connection to where I want, but now I want to make it click the first radio button which reads "Request Permission" and click go, I know its nitpicky but its something I do everyday multiple times to help a co-worker I understand that I need to find the identifier, so I got the accessibility inspector and tried to figure it out from there, but Im pretty lost on that. I will include a screen shot of the box and the accessibility inspector output (which im not sure im using it correctly) Any suggestions or guidance would be great as Im sure if I can get this problem complete I would be able to use that knowledge to make even more complex workflows Thank you so much in advance, you guys are all amazing!
  10. this workflow was working well for me, now it just returns "25 of 25 processed / 0% reduced" so its running but not optimizing anything anymore. Alfred is checked off in the accessibility options and this works before, any ideas?
  11. Thank you so much! I will look into all of this, thank you thank you!
  12. Thank you Vitor, this is exactly looking for, you are amazing! I really need to learn how to make this stuff, seems like there is so much more I could do with automating my hosting / regular tasks but just need to learn how to code them. Also thank you Deanishe, I have seen your workflow and it looks amazing, I will be working with it too! Thank you for such an amazing community. One last question, is there a resource for learning the basics of this, I need to know how to make the script files I believe, because I can do a lot of the "in the workflow" stuff but have no idea how to do the scripting
  13. You are completely right, showing a filterable list would be fine, and no I can add them myself if that makes it much harder. The list would be helpful for now, is that an easy implantation? The workflow I have right now is literally individual keywords connected to launch URLS, like I said I dont know the coding on this at all! I have included a screenshot. having a list would be great for now, adding pages would be a really cool feature but it sounds like that would be a big pain in the ass Would I be able to update it from a file maybe? Thats seems like it would be easier than having to make a new part of the workflow with every page
  14. I am a web designer who uses alfred everyday. I cant live without this app. I have created plenty of workflows but they are all very simple and no real coding involved. Here is what Im looking to do I need a simple workflow that I type "wp" followed by a keyword and it launches that page. I have some simple ones set up for now. First thing I want to add is the ability to list the keywords, so if I went "wp list" I could get a list of all keywords and websites via a dropdown in alfred secondly I would like to be able to add the ability to type a keyword and save the current tab im working on into the workflow, for instance I am on amazon I would type "wp add amazon" and then amazon.com would be added to the list under that keyword anyone know of something that does this already or a way to implement it? Thank you, you are such a great community!
  15. thank you so much! you guys rock