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  1. Well this enlightened my day. Thanks for the help and for the awesome app. It's alive!
  2. I hit backspace after I wrote this post the last time and I lost all i wrote... Test #1 (From Term​inal) osascript -l JavaScript -e "console.log(escape('ä'))" Notice that the ä is encoded as %E4. Test #2 Create a keyword trigger with a parameter. Let's call this atest. Create an action with osascript (JS) with the following code console.log(escape("{query}")); Connect the trigger and action. Watch the debug console for output. Notice that the ä is encoded as a%u0308. Problem scenario I'm using this NodeJS workflow as a base https://github.com/giangvo/alfred-workflow-nodejs/ I've created an issue about this over there too https://github.com/giangvo/alfred-workflow-nodejs/issues/6 The workflow supports autocomplete with a menusystem. I'm getting external menu entries which contains the letter ä I'm autocompleting a menu entry which places the (%E4 based ä in the search thingy) I'm sending this to an action which contains the code below function getItemData(itemTitle) { var wfData = Storage.get("wfData"); return wfData ? wfData[itemTitle] : undefined; } This tries to access data where the menu entry title is the key. Originally the key is ä / %E4 which it is in wfData but the autocompleted title is ä / a%u0308 which makes the key not match although they at first sight look the same. Any tip on how to go about this? Latest stable update OSX El Captain Latest Alfred v2.8.2 (432)
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