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  1. Hi there @Tsunami Apologies, I didn't notice the workflow. I'll try that out, thank you. The clipboard items vary. They include single words, as well as blocks of text. Thanks for your suggestions everyone. It looks like Alfred may not be able to do what I'd like to do (if Tsunami's workflow doesn't do what I hope it will do). I appreciate your input.
  2. Ok, I've uploaded the workflow (I edited the paths, but retained the placeholders I'm using). You can grab it here. The problem I'm trying to solve is the following: 1. I use this workflow to create a file. 2. I then use a Alfred snippet to populate the file with predefined text. 3. This predefined text incorporates clipboard placeholders that are replaced with bits of text in my clipboard history. There are too many steps. I want to extend my current workflow to add step 2 to the process. So the workflow creates the file, and automatically populates it with the predefined text. Does this make sense?
  3. Thanks for getting back to me. The workflow is basically a trigger that runs a command like the one I pasted into my post. Like I said, it's really simple. As I mentioned in my post, I want to have a single workflow that performs all three steps. The step I can't work out is how to automatically populate my newly created document with my predefined text, replacing placeholders in the text with clipboard items. The reason for this is that each note contains variables from another source that I combine into my note. Think of each note as an email to a customer that contains predefined responses, customised with customer-specific information (a little like a mail-merge except each note contains around 4 different pieces of information).
  4. I'm trying to work out how to complete a second step in a new workflow that will streamline a workflow I use several times a day. I create Markdown notes throughout my day. I have a pretty basic workflow that runs a terminal command that, in turn, creates a file and opens it in my text editor. I then invoke a snippet that populates the note with predefined text, and multiple clipboard items that I save before I invoke the workflow. In other words: Save multiple bits of information to my Alfred clipboard in a predetermined sequence Run a terminal command through a simple workflow that creates the Markdown file, and opens it in my text editor When the file opens in my editor, I manually run a snippet that populates the file, including the clipboard items using {clipboard:0}, {clipboard:1}, etc syntax. The terminal command looks something like this: touch ~/path/to/directory/$(date +%Y-%m-%d)_Feedback_{query}_Interactions.md & open ~/path/to/directory/$(date +%Y-%m-%d)_Feedback_{query}_Interactions.md -a Atom The {query} is something I add when I trigger the workflow. The snippet contains predefined text with placeholders for my clipboard items. I'd like to combine all of that from into a single workflow. What I can't work out is how to include the 3rd step in the workflow so I can run it all as a single step. I don't suppose anyone has any suggestions?
  5. I noticed that when I use text expansion in VS Code, the snippets don't expand fully. It seems to occur when the Markdown All in One extension is enabled. I've opened an issue here: Text snippets don't expand correctly when using text expansion, with Markdown All in One enabled · Issue #200 · neilsustc/vscode-markdown. I did some additional testing with TextExpander and I wasn't able to reproduce the issue when I expanded snippets in TextExpander, when the Markdown All in One extension is enabled in VS Code. Would there be something about how Alfred expands snippets that differs from how TE handles text expansion, that could be causing this issue in VS Code? I've only really noticed this issue in VS Code, and when the Markdown All in One extension is enabled. I've been using Atom as my primary editor and don't have this issue there, so this seems to be caused by some sort of interaction between VS Code (with the extension enabled), and Alfred. I don't suppose you have any insights that might be helpful in troubleshooting this?
  6. Hi there The text size in the snippet editor is really small for me (I'm getting older). How can I increase this text size (and perhaps even other texts in the app)?
  7. I believe there are a couple options on Linux. There is an Alfred imitation called Albert, apparently. It's mostly something that I've considered although now that I use Alfred so much, it wouldn't be a decision I'd rush into. If only there was a Linux version of Alfred ... :-P
  8. I know I can export my snippets into a `.alfredsnippets` file. Is it possible to export into another format, or convert that format into something like a `.csv` file? I don't intend moving to another service but I don't like being locked into a specific format after putting so much effort into my collections. Also, it would be great to be able to work on my snippets in my text edit where I can modify, add to, and maintain my collection as a `.csv`, or something similar. I imagine this is a little controversial because there are so many competing products. At the same time, I'd feel even better about using Alfred if I felt that I wasn't risking losing everything if I am ever forced to use something different (for example, if I have to replace my personal machine, I'd probably switch to Linux).
  9. I'm thrilled that 3.6 will have the option of searching within snippet content, and I'm tempted to switch to the pre-release version. I'm a little nervous because I rely on Alfred so heavily for my work. Is 3.6 stable enough to use, day to day?
  10. On my side, I don't seem to have version 3.5.1 available to me as an update so I can't even test that version to determine if it resolves my issue.
  11. I seem to be running 3.5 (I'm not getting an option to update to 3.5.1). I'll manually update and see if this resolves my issue too.
  12. Thanks for the suggestion. That isn't it. I re-mapped the Spotlight trigger keys to Option+Space so I could use Cmd+Space for Alfred.
  13. I've noticed an issue when I try invoke Alfred in macOS High Sierra. Sometimes the hotkey doesn't do anything the first time I invoke Alfred and I have to do it again. I'm not sure if this is related to the lag issue? On the other hand, Spotlight opens immediately when I invoke it using its hotkeys.
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