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  1. Hi, I would like to have a most used file list that I can open with just one keyboard shortcuts. I have a lot op files that I need to open on regular bases. Is that possible o do that in some simple steps? I don't want to search for it (because most of these documents have long names that almost look the same) I want to add them through a list, assign an shortcut to it en the next time open the list press the number and go Is there somebody who maybe already wrote a workflow for this? or can write it?
  2. HI, Is it possible to determine wich 1password url is opened in which browser? I do have a lot of logins saved, but some site are only supporting Chrome, other Firefox etc. Now when i search in alfres it opens always the 1password url's in my standard browser. I would love have the oppertunity/workflow to change that. I'm able to open standard url's in different browers, what i'm looking for is specific for some 1password urls.
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