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  1. Found the bug finally. In the purple Run Script below, I actually passed nothing to the next action (only send content in pbcopy) , which means the following Copy to Clipboard has nothing to do. Meanwhile, with regex ^((?!(ulysses)).)*$, the third branch is selected too. Yet still cannot figure out why branch 2 and branch 3 together can ACTUALLY works...
  2. Yeah, I checked both Automatically paste to front most app and Mark item as transient in clipboard The wired thing is, with anything else unchanged, the regex in else (the filter utility) can affect the behavior of the second branch (the one with Notes, Evernote, scapple). regex cause problem: ^((?!(ulysses|Notes|Evernote|scapple)).)*$ regex that works fine: ^((?!(ulysses)).)*$
  3. I got your point. I simply put Key Combo alongside Copy to Clipboard to give some illustration (misleading, though 😂). Without the Key Combo, the Copy to Clipboard alone still didn't work. Here is the updated workflow: https://github.com/cdpath/alfred_workflows/releases/tag/0.0.7
  4. I did some experiment. Here is what I found: Problem 1 The regex Notes|Evernote|scapple actually works fine Problem 2 I found Regular Expression to exclude a list of words and figured out the following regex to mimic fallback else ^((?!(ulysses|Notes|Evernote|scapple)).)*$ So I got this: And something fancy happened. The second branch (Notes|Evernote|scapple) doesn't work anymore. It seems Copy to Clipboard failed to paste the incoming content. I have to use Key Combo to fix it. I highly doubt it has something to do with the performance of regex in else branch: ^((?!(ulysses|Notes|Evernote|scapple)).)*$ . If I replace it with ^((?!(ulysses)).)*$ , everything works fine.
  5. Why I need this? Sometimes I just found myself repeating copy/paste URL and title from Chrome to write some reference. Even worse, different apps accept different format (Yeah, I'm talking about you, Ulysses!). So here is my workflow: Usage Just type \\u in your favorite app. Problem 1. I tried and failed to use matches regex in Filter Utility, that's why I have to hard coded three (and maybe more in the future) filter. This is my failed attempt: Notes|Evernote|scapple 2. The else (marked in red in screenshot above) is not actually fallback, which may lead to some bug. # What I thought it would be if condition_a: ... elif condition_b: ... elif condition_c: ... # How it actually works if condition_a: ... if condition_b: ... if condition_c: ... Download https://github.com/cdpath/alfred_workflows/releases/tag/0.1.1
  6. Thanks! Those built-in examples are really useful. I'll go through them all.
  7. Is it possible that while I type \\define useful <enter> Alfred pass the parameter (useful in this case) to the workflow?
  8. Copy table from Numbers and paste as markdown table. Download GitHub Repo Acknowledgement 1. https://github.com/schmijos/html-table-parser-python3 2. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2545289/getting-rtf-data-out-of-mac-os-x-pasteboard-clipboard
  9. I found a setting in MacVim, 'Quit MacVim' after last window closes. Now it works.
  10. Found a issue with MacVim 8.0 on macOS Sierra. When I `:wq` to finish editing, MacVim process still exists, and this workflow hang over there until I CMD-Q MacVim itself. So I have to use the following one to make sure MacVim is done, which, of cause will affect other MacVim window (if there is one). /usr/local/bin/mvim -f $filename && killall MacVim Is there a better way out? Thank you in advance!
  11. 1. I've updated source codes in GitHub 2. 'cos I don't know . I've rewrite the workflow according to your advice. Thank you!
  12. This workflow simply: 1. save clipboard to a temporary file 2. open that temp file with MacVim 3. Waiting for you to finish editing (by default, you have 30s to edit) 4. Send edited content to clipboard GitHub repo, download from GitHub
  13. Any update for Firefox? I use Vimperator and send key strokes to get the title and url, but it's not reliable...
  14. inspired by http://veritrope.com/code/export-all-safari-tabs-to-evernote download https://github.com/cdpath/nvALT usage 1. nvs {query} +---> search in nvALT 2. s2n +---> save safari tabs in nvALT
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