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  1. Sounds good. I'll watch the pre-release versions and will let you know if any noted changes make a difference. Let me know if there's ever anything specific you'd like me to test. Thanks y’all!
  2. That's how I'm using it, yeah. Just sometimes it doesn't seem to register the Cmd+CC like it normally would. I'll frequently use it ~10 times in a row and it'll work 5 times, fail once, and work 4 more times. I am generally pressing it faster than my double-click threshold seems to be (just in testing how slow I can click to register a double-click) but I'm not sure if I'm just slow that one time when it fails? Not a big deal, just something that was nagging at me a bit. At least I have a clipboard history to pull from!
  3. The Command+C+C shortcut works a bit too quickly, so if I'm just a hair slow (even when I'm consciously trying to be quick) it'll just copy a new entry. This happens maybe a third of the time for me, even when I'm using it multiple times in a row. When that happens I can use the Snippet viewer to reselect my previous entry and try again, but this is inconvenient. A screenshot wouldn't help, but I'd be happy to record some audio of me gathering clipboard snippets if that would. I'm using 2.8.3 (435), but this doesn't seem to be specific to pre-release versions.
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