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  1. Hi 🙂 Actually I've added a workflow to open 6 terminal commands with 'tail'ing logfiles on my server. Now I want to move the opened terminal-windows on a position on my screen. Is it possible with a normal workflow? Or do I have to do this with AppleScript? Thank you!
  2. Hi, with 1Password 7 the support for Choosy was deleted by 1Password because the technique for filling out the credentials was changed. So is there any possibility to add a workflow for choosing a browser after I clicked a 1Password Bookmark? Thanks a lot for your help!
  3. oh my god, I found the problem.. I've set up the synch folder in my dropbox. But Dropbox added (in the dropbox business accounts) a new feature "Smart Synch" what store the data only in the cloud. So the preferences were added but there were only in the cloud and not stored locally. I think Alfred wasn't able to get the preferences and so it got no workflows. After change the synch-Folder to an local folder its working fine like before. :-) So, much thanks for your help! Greetings from Germany
  4. Hey @Vero, thanks for your fast reply. Ya, I didn't change much preferences - just the preference: "Store typed query" and "Show latest query if within 5 minutes" and added the Clipboard function. Any other settings are the default settings. After that I wanted to add the workflow "Should I watch this movie?" from the examples - changed nothing in the workflow but it don't work. The other workflow what don't work is Dash - the original Workflow from the app Dash. So in the attachment I've put some screenshots - maybe you can help me?! Thanks in advance! Greetings
  5. Hi, I've just reinstalled my Mac and Alfred because I had a hdd-crash. So from now on my workflows doesn't work. Even the example-workflows "movie" don't work.. I'm entering the keyword "movie" followed by a movie-title in the search bar - but Alfred just want to "google for movie test test" The workflows are enabled as well. What I'm doing wrong? Before I reinstalled of my Mac it worked without any problems.. :/
  6. Hello, if I'm trying to paste previous copied code to netbeans (an programmers ide) with the integrated clipboard alfred will not paste the copied text to this programm. Any other programs are working. Is it a problem with netbeans? Can anybody help me with this problem?
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