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  1. Hi,


    Previously I've used the script underneath as a fast way to mark everything in my Mail as read; including junk mail and every account. I've got a lot of emails coming that's good to have, but doesn't require any work - so the workflow works as a way of purging the system for unnecessary unread mail. However, after switching over to Airmail on all platforms (A great idea that I should've come up with earlier) I quickly noticed how much I missed the workflow. By all means, I'm no tech-wizard and the furthest I've gone in my quest to get this working is exchanging "Mail" with "Airmail 3" (as well as with the .app suffix), which definitely didn't work. Could anyone of you be of any assistance here? 

    tell application "Mail"
    	set allAccounts to the name of every account
    	repeat with currAccount in allAccounts
    		set unreadMboxes to (every mailbox in account currAccount whose unread count is not 0)
    		repeat with currMbox in unreadMboxes
    			set (the read status of every message in currMbox whose read status is false) to true
    		end repeat
    	end repeat
    end tell

    Please and thank yous.

  2. Hi there!


    I'm trying to set up a Hide All script for the Remote, effectively hiding every app whose visibility is set to True and opening Home. So far it works every time with ScriptEditor, but when I put it on the System Command as a Open Script command, it works only slightly. Sometimes it just hides Messages, sometimes everything or sometimes it just doesn't care at all. I'm sure there's just something wrong with my coding/app/tech understanding. I'm using Murphy's HideAll 

    tell application "Finder"
    	set visible of every process whose visible is true and name is not "Finder" to false
    	close every window
    	open home
    end tell

    Hopefully some of you peeps know what's best. 

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