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  1. For an unknown reason when I close my laptop lid and attach my external monitor my mouse starts jumping around. I've come up with a bandaid solution which is to ignore the trackpad when my mouse is present via the Accessibility -> Mouse & Trackpad preferences. This is possible by check a box as shown: Is it possible to make a simple workflow or keyboard shortcut, like for example CTL + CMD + m that would toggle the above setting? Thank you! Max
  2. mbigras

    Lag with High Sierra

    Thank you for the help and reference Vero. That was totally the problem. I have a custom theme to make the search bar wider. Adjusting the `window blur` as mentioned in the blog post fixed my issue. https://www.alfredapp.com/blog/tips-and-tricks/alfred-3-5-ready-for-high-sierra/
  3. mbigras

    Lag with High Sierra

    Hi all, I updated to High Sierra 10.13. Now I'm experiencing crazy lag when launching Alfred. For example: cmd + space to launch, typing "notes" is painfully laggy. Not sure what can be done but wanted to report an issue. Is anyone else having this problem?
  4. mbigras

    Karabiner Elements Profile Switcher

    Thank you Andy! I have to switch my KE Profile multiple times a day and this helps me out so much, really appreciate your time to build this for us! For those running into issues this workflow being incompatible Sierra download and run deanishe's fix: https://github.com/deanishe/alfred-fixum
  5. Very grateful for your tutorials deanishe! This helped me out ?
  6. Thank you vitor Features -> File Search -> Actions: then uncheck the `Ctrl` as shown
  7. Thank you for the response vitor! I think it might be the single `Ctl` that's triggering the following view, shown below. It wasn't the `Ctrl + Enter`. Is there any way to disable the `Ctrl` behavior too? Thank you!
  8. There is some functionality attached to the `Ctrl + Enter` keys when launching and application, I can see the menu options in the advanced section as shown below. I it possible to disable the `Ctrl + Enter` functionality? That is, disable it, not change the settings. The reason is because I mapped `Ctrl + Ctrl` to the `Enter` key to save my right pinky except it conflicts with Alfred only when launching applications.
  9. mbigras

    Increase width of toolbar

    Thank you so much Eric! This was confusing me for so long
  10. Hi @h2ner! It sounds like you've made some progress. Right on! Any thoughts on putting together a demo screencast and installation instructions? How has it been working for the last couple months? I looked on packal but wasn't able to find it. Have you thought about publishing it?
  11. mbigras

    Increase width of toolbar

    Weird, the themes and fonts section isn’t showing up for and neither is the hover drag option. I’m using Alfred v3.3 with powerpack. Am I missing something here?
  12. mbigras

    Increase width of toolbar

    Right on I'm happy to hear it's possible, I've still been searching and hover around but I'm not finding it. Can you attach a screen shot? searching docs for it also not finding it https://www.alfredapp.com/search/?p=help&q=width
  13. mbigras

    Increase width of toolbar

    Hi @vitor ya I meant the Alfred window. Seems like there is no way to do it then
  14. Is it possible to increase the width of the Alfred toolbar? The reason is when I search for bookmarks or files sometimes the names are too long so they get chopped off but it would be nice to be able to see them.