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  1. Too bad no one has a solution to this issue as it comes up. Things just not showing up in a list, I have cleared out spotlight and rebuilt it and everything mentioned in this post but still have issues.
  2. Still not working and Spotlight has long reindexed itself. Do none of you experience this behavior with any application?
  3. I did and it is still reindexing though spotlight shows it already and I can find it still with typing "drop" in Alfred. I did notice that right after I pressed "Clear Application Cache" that it showed up with "dr" for the application comments which it wasn't doing before. Again not at all a solution but that made that at least work.
  4. Strange Spotlight is showing droplr is showing up fine with typing dr (see attachment). I have 26 results with Alfred and none of them are droplr even with the "dr" in the app comments. Just curious and so I am better understanding how Alfred works, it sounds like it uses spotlight index to return results rather than creating its own. How would Alfred return results with drop of droplr using spotlight index but not with dr? Is there a different index it might be using? I will reindex and see what I get. I just opened Quicksilver which I haven't run for 2 or 3 months on my com
  5. Yes droplr is an application. http://droplr.com I added dr to the comments but after 2 minutes it still doesn't show up. I guess there is a referesh place I can adjust somewhere in Alfred. I'll try it again in an hour though yes you are right this is not really a solution because this would change all the time for me. Also I use the comments all the time for various things and that would just muddy up the comments. Thank you for sticking with me and all your help!
  6. I just took off searching contacts and it still doesn't show up with "dr" but shows up with "dro". Started it several times with just "dro" and no luck with "dr". Try this in quicksilver an you'll see it behaves better.
  7. That is part of the issue I can't even get it to show up when I type "dr" i have gone through the entire list of apps and address book names it shows.
  8. Thanks for your reply, I missed the email that there was a reply and just came back searching for this. I just bought the powerpack to get this feature and it looks like it was already doing that and was checked without. I still have the same issue if I type drop I get droplr if I launch it several times with drop it would move up in the list to "dr" in Quicksilver but in Alfred it is no where to be found I went through the entire list it shows and it is not even listed! Doesn't seem like Alfred is quite as smart as Quicksilver in this regards. Hopefully there is a setting I a
  9. So I have switched over from Quicksilver because occasionally it will open everything when I run a search. Alfred doesn't seem nearly as smart but I am probably missing something, typing in "Fox" doesn't pull up firefox nor can I arrow down through results. Not a problem in Quicksilver and I get other options.
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