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  1. Awesome, will do! Appreciate the speedy reply I can't think of any way to display the custom icon URL either, unless it was somehow able to take over for the default Notion icon? 🤔 Either way, I'll open an issue, and if you ever have the time to check it out, that'd be awesome- but as it stands, it's still immensely useful. Take care!
  2. Wow, @wrjlewis this rules! Thank you for the workflow, I wish I would have paid attention sooner! I have one question- and let me know if I should open an issue on GitHub for this if it makes sense- I use a lot of custom icons for my pages, and thus- I see a lot of lengthy image URLs in my results (finding the correct results - it just doesn't look "pretty"). Is there some way of handling non-native emojis?
  3. Working like a charm so far, and I appreciate the customization. You're a boss, @vitor!
  4. I apologize if I'm missing something super obvious... but how do you search for a tab and close it? I can only see how to close tabs to the left/right of the result tab.
  5. @vitor - Searchio! is great, but the main difference was, as far as I can tell, actioning the searchio 'results' takes you to the google results page, whereas actioning this workflow's results actually took you to the result's URL. aviaryan's workflow's results: Searchio's results: So, the original workflow from this thread is 'better' if you know what you're looking for - it saves you the step of going to the google page.
  6. I installed the latest beta version of iTerm 2 (Build 3.3.5beta1), and now my modified version of @Andrew's custom script isn't working. I think the only thing I changed was line 9 [set onlywindow to false], and this made my query always open in a new tab in iTerm. But now it seems, I get a new tab, but my query doesn't make it there. Maybe I just need to incorporate a pause or something? It feels like it's just moving too quickly for the new tab to keep up. Prior to this new beta version, the new tab method was working well. on alfred_script(q) if application "iTerm2" is running or application "iTerm" is running then run script " on run {q} tell application \"iTerm\" activate try select first window set onlywindow to false on error create window with default profile select first window set onlywindow to true end try tell the first window if onlywindow is false then create tab with default profile end if tell current session to write text q end tell end tell end run " with parameters {q} else run script " on run {q} tell application \"iTerm\" activate try select first window on error create window with default profile select first window end try tell the first window tell current session to write text q end tell end tell end run " with parameters {q} end if end alfred_script
  7. Hello! This workflow is absolutely ridiculous, unbelievably useful- so thank you once again, @deanishe! It almost made me throw my keyboard out the window when I realized how easy and powerful this could be. So after diving in, I have two questions: Is it possible to use multiple columns in one of the fields (title, subtitle)? The motivation here is to quickly see more info from the spreadsheet, but also to not have to 'fix it' with formulas on the spreadsheet itself. Is there a good way to set the MATCH variable to only match if it is an exact result? I only need this for instances where I'm passing a number to the spreadsheet, but if I pass '1' to it, it's currently finding 12, 133, etc. I tried looking up the python formatting that you link to in your documentation, but it's all a bit over my head. Thanks so much!
  8. Ah you are right, thanks for pointing that out. I missed the fundamental distinction between results and suggestions. So essentially, this workflow will need to be refactored to support the new HTML results if that's possible, otherwise, go back to the dark ages of opening the results page before going to what I want :). Thanks for the quick response!
  9. I used to use a few different modified versions of this workflow, to return results for specific sites (prefix site:site.com). It was indispensable, but now, I am definitely rate-limited / blocked, and I can't seem to get it to work anymore, even from different IP addresses. Does anyone have a recommendation for where to begin on replacing such functionality? I tried modifying @deanishe's Searchio! workflow, but I think the suggest URL doesn't work after adding in my site: prefix.
  10. I'm interested in this, too! I'm not a developer per se, but Alfred makes me want to learn.
  11. Thanks for the fix! Working perfectly for me after following your instructions.
  12. Does anyone know how to escape the query properly with this workflow? Apostrophes will break it, and I'm not sure where to try and fix it in the workflow itself. Not a huge deal of course, it's just inconsistent with some of the other search workflows that I use.
  13. Perfect, the substring method works like a charm. I really appreciate the help!
  14. @deanishe - thanks for sharing that. I am trying to do something similar, but I want it to look for multiple terms. My query: http://abc.go.com/ My (python) Run Script, taken from your suggestion, but using re.search instead of re.match: # this is Python import re import sys if re.search(r"abc.go", sys.argv[1]): print "yes" else: print "no" My question is, how can I edit the script to also see if it matches other portions of URLs? For instance, cbs.com - how could I edit the script to also check for that? My apologies for my lack of familiarity with python and regex both. I really appreciate all of the help and examples you provide in these forums!
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