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  1. Hello! This workflow is absolutely ridiculous, unbelievably useful- so thank you once again, @deanishe! It almost made me throw my keyboard out the window when I realized how easy and powerful this could be. So after diving in, I have two questions: Is it possible to use multiple columns in one of the fields (title, subtitle)? The motivation here is to quickly see more info from the spreadsheet, but also to not have to 'fix it' with formulas on the spreadsheet itself. Is there a good way to set the MATCH variable to only match if it is an exact result? I only need this for instances where I'm passing a number to the spreadsheet, but if I pass '1' to it, it's currently finding 12, 133, etc. I tried looking up the python formatting that you link to in your documentation, but it's all a bit over my head. Thanks so much!
  2. Ah you are right, thanks for pointing that out. I missed the fundamental distinction between results and suggestions. So essentially, this workflow will need to be refactored to support the new HTML results if that's possible, otherwise, go back to the dark ages of opening the results page before going to what I want :). Thanks for the quick response!
  3. I used to use a few different modified versions of this workflow, to return results for specific sites (prefix site:site.com). It was indispensable, but now, I am definitely rate-limited / blocked, and I can't seem to get it to work anymore, even from different IP addresses. Does anyone have a recommendation for where to begin on replacing such functionality? I tried modifying @deanishe's Searchio! workflow, but I think the suggest URL doesn't work after adding in my site: prefix.
  4. I'm interested in this, too! I'm not a developer per se, but Alfred makes me want to learn.
  5. Thanks for the fix! Working perfectly for me after following your instructions.
  6. Does anyone know how to escape the query properly with this workflow? Apostrophes will break it, and I'm not sure where to try and fix it in the workflow itself. Not a huge deal of course, it's just inconsistent with some of the other search workflows that I use.
  7. Perfect, the substring method works like a charm. I really appreciate the help!
  8. @deanishe - thanks for sharing that. I am trying to do something similar, but I want it to look for multiple terms. My query: http://abc.go.com/ My (python) Run Script, taken from your suggestion, but using re.search instead of re.match: # this is Python import re import sys if re.search(r"abc.go", sys.argv[1]): print "yes" else: print "no" My question is, how can I edit the script to also see if it matches other portions of URLs? For instance, cbs.com - how could I edit the script to also check for that? My apologies for my lack of familiarity with python and regex both. I really appreciate all of the help and examples you provide in these forums!
  9. Worked like a charm, and I really appreciate the explanation! Why my search attempts to find this answer failed me was due to me not including anything in the replace section. Duh. Cheers!
  10. Hello! I'm writing a workflow based on a file action, and at one point in there, I would like to use the replace / regex function to extract just the filename, without the full path or the extension. I've tried googling and trying a bunch of options, but I haven't had the time to fully ingest Regex properly yet, and nothing I've found has worked. Anyone care to help me out? :-D Here's an example of a full path I'm working with: ~/Desktop/Testing.mov I would like to just extract "Testing". I hope one day I can look back at how silly it was to ask such a basic question like this. Thanks so much in advance!
  11. Thank you! I spend my days dealing with Amazon and IMDB URLs, so this is seriously incredible.
  12. I just want to say, thanks to Deanishe for this terminal command. It really helped. find /PATH/TO/MOVIES/FOLDER -name '*.mkv' -exec mdls -name kMDItemContentType {} \; It showed me that every one of my MKVs had the UTI of "org.matroska.mkv" - go figure. Not sure why Alfred (3) didn't realize that when I dropped one in, but after adding it to the file filter list, all is well, and my "find movies" filter is working perfectly. Thanks for the help!
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