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  1. I'm using dropbox to sync prefs between computers and the workflow folders seem to be residing there, as alfred directs me there when I want to see workflow files. So my question is: Do you use syncing? Should we assign the folders in dropbox (ie. ~/Dropbox/AlfredSync/Alfred.alfredpreferences/ instead of ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred/Alfred.alfredpreferences/ ) if we want to edit those files? Any ideas?
  2. the `recent` option seems broken for me, even in the version @Russell Davis provided, on macOS 10.14 Mojave. I can't see the alarms I'm setting after typing `recent`, it says there are no alarms or timers set. Does anybody else have the same problem?
  3. Thanks deanishe, will correct that as well
  4. Hey acidham, i think you need xcode and swift also installed on your system right now. I'm working on a fix and post it here when I update the workflow!
  5. # SafariHistorySearch Alfred workflow to search Safari history written in swift. #Usage `shs <SEARCH_TERMS>` Separate search terms with spaces if you want to search for more than one word. ie: `shs github safari` Each word is searched separately. If you want to search for a phrase, surround the phrase with double quotes, ie: `shs "Alfred Workflow to Search Safari History"` The results contain all search terms. This workflow searches the page url, page title and page body if available. see https://github.com/akaralar/SafariHistorySearch/releases for latest version. I hope you like it!
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