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  1. curious: Does this do anything different from pressing "Rebuild macOD Metadata" under advanced prefs?
  2. A very common activity for me is to take a screenshot directly to the clipboard and then want to do something with it (Open in Preview.app, email to someone). Currently I still have to open the relevant app and then paste in, or the other route is to screenshot to a file and then find it and open it. I was wondering if were possible to add the relevant actions (Open, Open With, Save, Save As, Email To, etc etc) to clipboard history items when possible. Basically I want to be able to 'right arrow' on clipboard history items and get a version of this sheet. Is there a wor
  3. (a few months later) But doesn't Spotlight already index Safari history? It has an option for it in the prefs, and results appear when I do a spotlight search...
  4. Subject says all really. I tried adding ~/Library/Safari to the Search Scope list in the hope that it would index the History sqlite db in there but no dice. This would be super useful - I rarely remember to bookmark anything.
  5. Does Alfred know something special about that Notes folder, or does it just read any sqlite databases in the path? I ask cos I tried to add ~/Library/Safari in the hope that it would include my Safari History in the default search results but no success. I guess I should open a new topic for the real question... http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/8796-how-do-i-add-safari-history-to-default-search-results/
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