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  1. Hi Vero, Wow, fast reply. I fixed it. I just needed to quit both iTunes and Alfred. Next, when I used the iTunes hot key, the mini player is playing as I write this happy note to you. Lovin the Beta3 Up-n-Out fillip PS: Sorry, I did check the box, should have mentioned it rather than placing a "√" in my post. Apologies.. m(_ _)m
  2. UPDATE: DOH! Fixed the problem I stated below. Quit iTunes, Quit Alfred and tried the Alfred iTunes 'hot keys', a-batta-bing-a-batta-boom works like a charm. Sorry for this post. Don't know how to delete after posting. Alfred 3Beta Mac mini late 2012 OS 10.10.5 iTunes: 12.4 I've tried all the trouble shooting articles. I can't get the iTunes Library to show up in Alfred > Features > iTunes > Advanced > Library XML... it's empty and I've tried all the suggested ways to fix it... Went to iTunes > Preferences > Advanced > √ "Share iTunes Libraray XML with other applications" In the same window: iTunes Media folder location was the following: /Users/kenmini/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media I copied that and pasted it into Alfred > Pref > Features > iTunes > Advanced > Library XML and everything went 'red'. I've tried click on Find, nothing happens. Anyone have some more suggestions? It's my first time trying to use the iTunes media with Alfred, so please be specific. Thank you. Standing by.
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