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  1. OMG! I just found something Alfred does that pretty much fixes my calculation wishes: use Control-e and Control-a to jump to the end or beginning of entered text. Basically, the entry window uses Emacs bindings. Eureka! This opens a whole new world. Thank you, Alfred, for continuing to amaze with your usefulness...
  2. Actually, I just tried to use the calculation function in a different way, that I wish worked: I performed a calculation, entered the result in the clipboard, then performed another calculation, entered THAT result in the clipboard. Now, I would like to use the snippet capture feature to enter those two results as another calculation. So, I want to be able to add a snippet to the main Alfred window, then access the snippet window again, enter... You get the picture. I guess that's asking for a whole rewrite...sorry.
  3. I wish I could offer more than to second the request for a way to easily wrap with parentheses. I like to use Alfred to quickly and easily perform calculations that I'm often 'making up' as I go, or, I change one part of the calculation, but don't want to lose the first part. Yes, it defeats the ease of Alfred to have to keep pressing the arrow keys to add parentheses. Heaven forbid using the mouse/trackpad! Thanks! tv
  4. Thank you, Vero. Sorry to have wasted your time, but interestingly, that is the way I've had my Safari preferences set for a long time. It was coincidental that my implementation of the V2 full release and Alfred url requests opened in new windows. I quit and reopened Safari, and it reverted back to my expected behavior. I would say "weird," but that's Safari, after all... Thank you for your time, and this great new version of Alfred.
  5. What am I doing wrong that Alfred opens a new window in Safari, instead of a new tab? I run fullscreen, which means closing the new window and tabbing back to Safari to get it to reappear. This just started, so I'm sure I don't have something set correctly. Sorry, I tried to search, but "url" and "tab" are too short to use as a search term in the forums, and I believe I scanned every topic title in the forums before posting. Thank you.
  6. Sorry, David. After I posted my results, I reread your original post and realized folks had asked for all those things to migrate, but your work to this point migrated custom searches. Didn't mean to rush you! :-)
  7. My 14 custom searches came across fine, but none of my 6 snippets completed the journey. Thanks for all your efforts moving us toward V2.
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