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  1. I have been testing snippet functionality with just the ASCII art collection, which I haven't modified and are all turned on. In the middle of writing this post, I figured out why this is happening!!! But would LOVE if there's a work around =\ Here's the issue: I'm really more of a PC guy, but do development work on a Mac. Therefore, I've changed a lot of the Mac keybindings to be more like PC (this includes copy, paste, cut, etc.) After removing the Paste keybinding override, snippets is working fine. It seems this is because Alfred depends on this default keybinding.
  2. I too am having an issue with snippets. Initially, after installing Alfred 3 this morning (loving it btw), I was not able to get snippets to work at all, even after allowing accessibility to the Text Service. HOWEVER, after quitting Alfred and starting the app again, the snippets are at least being recognized. If I type a keyword, the text is properly detected and removed, but nothing is put in its place, it simply disappears. THIS functionality is happening in all my other applications so it doesn't seem to be app specific either. Also, sometimes, but not always, an error sound pl
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