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  1. Hi. This workflow looks very good. But not work with my czech number. I have contacts with numbers "+420 XXX XXX XXX" format so its 12 numbers.
  2. Thanks a million times! It works now. You are awesome!
  3. I didn't find what I have to edit. It's look like I need to go back to Alfred 2.
  4. I just reinstalled all Alfred 3 from scratch (cleaned all settings) and still same problem.
  5. I just completly reinstalled Alfred 3 with cleaned settings. Still same behaviour. I have same problem with Evernote workflow. I think this will be Alfred 3 related.
  6. I have problem with this workflow on Alfred 3. When I type ent and space, instead of searching in evernote I can see google search. It's only me, or global problem? I have same issue with ssh workflow. I'm start thinking about settings reset of Alfred. Sreenshots here: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/3406794/alfred_1.png https://dl.dropbox.com/u/3406794/alfred_2.png
  7. My most used SSH workflow ( SSH with smart hostname autocompletion ) not working in Alfred 3 .
  8. Very great workflow, that I use every day. But recently I updated to Alfred 3 and this workflow stop working. Is there any easy fix for it?
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