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  1. xqiao

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    Thanks. I really like it
  2. too bad I totally forgot to sync... I guess I have to look another one. Thanks
  3. Thank you so much. I cannot find the download button, maybe I missed it?
  4. I once used a workflow which can search vocabulary on Merriam-Webster website. Really easy to use. Because Alfred 3 completely froze twice on my mac after updated my os x system, I reinstall it. Now I cannot find this workflow. Do you have any recommendations or know this workflow? Thanks
  5. Hi Vero, Thanks for replying. Well, my Alfred 3 works well now. I checked the info on the app and found there's no 'Alfred: ignore' commend. So I reindex the metadata as well as reset the 'search scope'. For resetting the 'search scope', instead of deleting all the default folders, this time I chose to keep the '/applications' folder and then customize it. I don't know which action I took works, but so far my Alfred 3 works well. Again, thanks for helping.
  6. After I updated V2 to V3 and bought a license, it seems everything went smoothly. However, I again installed some new apps like Day One on my mac, this time V3 cannot find them. I checked online and followed the steps here: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/troubleshooting/indexing/ Now, the problem is that on my mac the spotlight can find the new apps I installed but Alfred V3 cannot. Should I just 'rebuild OS X Metadata' as the article says? But it seems my situations are different. Would you please tell me is there any other way to fix?
  7. This morning I am so excited to download V3. However, when I try to customize in the preference, I cannot find the minus button in search scope which I was quite familiar in V2. I can only see a plus button. Dose someone has the same problem as me? would you please tell me how to customize the search scope?
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