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  1. This is something I wanted to suggest already in the past, but doesn't found the time for it. My first idea was to seperate Workflows in boxes or seperated by headlines with the category-name. But I think with activated "Show Categories" it even would be enough to add a "Sort by Category" feature.
  2. Thanks for the tip, but it doesn't worked for me. The message still appears. Run the same command in my Alfred Sync folder: path/to/syncfolder/Alfred.alfredpreferences/
  3. Thanks, I will edit my suggestion and strike the workflows out of it. I thought about already about an dot-notation, too. But I know myself, if I do that, these words will become important for my brain and when I'm developing my fingers beginning to type down notation which would toggle something.
  4. I would like to suggest one of these two features: 1. Multiple Keywords for Snippets and Workflows Just as the headline says: Multiple keywords for snippets and workflows would be a nice possibility to defeat our habits when it means to finding the right word to access the wished snippet or workflow. I think we all already had the situation where we tried 3 or 4 keywords and then gived up to look how that damn keyword for the workflow was called. If we could add more keywords to snippets and workflows, it would make the bad times, less bad. 2. Option to turn on/off the case sen
  5. More detailed request, but already requested here. +1 | Here, too.
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