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  1. Hey Benzi! I know this thread is kinda dead, but could I request Cyanide and Happiness? Someone made a Yahoo pipe here: http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/pipe.run?_id=9b91d1900e14d1caff163aa6fa1b24bd&_render=rss It contains only pictures. Thanks!
  2. I'll look into it this weekend. Haven't really been playing with the script that much since the last update.
  3. I will get back to you on that one. **Update!** I played around with it, and after the first run, it seems to be working pretty well. It does look a little funny when it appears because it looks like a ghost typer when your computer has to catch up to the text you typed.
  4. Haha, I actually ended up trying that after I posted this, and came to the same conclusion.
  5. I'll do you one better. Instructions on how to set the "back to normal" brightness. It's quite simple. 1: Open the "/usr/bin/osas..." script in the middle. 2: Change the 0.5 to any number from 0 to 1 that is above 0.25. (Where it says): "if brightnessLevel is 0.25 then set brightnessLevel to 0.5" 3: There is no step 3. Enjoy!
  6. I recently read this blog post about text expansion: here by our very own David Ferguson, about text expansion. I love this idea, and have used it thousands of times. But, I was thinking that there should be an output option to simply paste whatever text in the frontmost app. The only difference between this and the "copy to clipboard" output would be that you could use this for text expansion and wouldn't flood your clipboard. Please implement this in the next update!
  7. I think he wants to make a workflow for it so that when something isn't working you can restart Alfred to fix the bug (that has happened to me a few times). If that's not the reason, then he probably just wants to do it, because he can. Side note: Do you need to have Alfred apear as confirmation? How about having a post notification? Although it might not work because Alfred restarts. I will keep looking around. Maybe the applescript could access where the hot key is stored in Alfred? We will soon find out.
  8. Hey subject, Thanks for making this, I have been meaning to do something like it for a while now. Anyways I did a little researching: MacRumors always has a forum! and found that each key on a mac keyboard has a key code so to make alfred apear for you and me the applescript should look like this: tell application "System Events" to key code 49 using command down end Simply search google for "key codes mac" to get an entire list. Lastly, make sure not to have "#" on the actual script only the comments. I understand you did that to make the keywords optional, but I could imagine that people in the future will try to enter a hotkey, but won't know to remove the "#". Hope that helps!
  9. I will play around with the commands later. Do you want a file action or a keyword input? In the meantime, go ahead and try compiling the workflow yourself. That's how I got stated, a lot if trying an troubleshooting.
  10. The only problem then would be to unhide files. Since Alfred doesn't show them. Also, if you use a search script, you might be able to have Alfred show you all files on your computer, and narrow down the file you want, by typing.
  11. I didn't really think if that. I know that's a feature but it would be much easier to have it integrated in the find keyword.
  12. Are they just terminal commands to show hidden files and hide them in the finder? Either way, please share!
  13. I set up the workflow to include file actions. It will also filter for only files compatible with myPhoneDesktop (see below). All credits are still with matias's name, I will go uncredited on this one. Enjoy!: http://d.pr/f/xuFK Note: Search for files should be enabled via the "Alfred Preferences | Default Results" page. Current version of myPhoneDesktop can process the following Image and ASCII files: JPEG image Portable Network Graphics image (PNG) Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) Plain Text (txt) Markdown document (md and markdown) vCard (vcf) comma-separated values (csv) Log file (log) HTML document (htm and html) Cascading style sheet (css) JavaScript source (js) Ruby source (rb) SQL source (sql)
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