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  1. I'll look into it this weekend. Haven't really been playing with the script that much since the last update.
  2. I'll do you one better. Instructions on how to set the "back to normal" brightness. It's quite simple. 1: Open the "/usr/bin/osas..." script in the middle. 2: Change the 0.5 to any number from 0 to 1 that is above 0.25. (Where it says): "if brightnessLevel is 0.25 then set brightnessLevel to 0.5" 3: There is no step 3. Enjoy!
  3. I think he wants to make a workflow for it so that when something isn't working you can restart Alfred to fix the bug (that has happened to me a few times). If that's not the reason, then he probably just wants to do it, because he can. Side note: Do you need to have Alfred apear as confirmation? How about having a post notification? Although it might not work because Alfred restarts. I will keep looking around. Maybe the applescript could access where the hot key is stored in Alfred? We will soon find out.
  4. Hey subject, Thanks for making this, I have been meaning to do something like it for a while now. Anyways I did a little researching: MacRumors always has a forum! and found that each key on a mac keyboard has a key code so to make alfred apear for you and me the applescript should look like this: tell application "System Events" to key code 49 using command down end Simply search google for "key codes mac" to get an entire list. Lastly, make sure not to have "#" on the actual script only the comments. I understand you did that to make the keywords optional, but I could imagine that
  5. No you are 100% correct. I don't understand why no one else contacted me about this. Anyway, I have been meaning to update the original post. v1.5 is now available direct download.
  6. I'm just a kid, who loves a good challenge.

  7. I present to you the airplane workflow: d.pr/f/T1el Update v1.2: d.pr/f/EBpv Update v1.3: Was an in-house update. Update v1.4: I uploaded the wrong Workflow. Update v1.5: http://d.pr/f/GOiB It will toggle your wifi and bluetooth, and set your brightness to to save battery. I have yet to find away to toggle the brightness back to it's default state. An if statement might work, but I have little skill in that field. For those of you that are applescript geniuses, please let me know if you find a solution! If you have any questions please read the "readme" tab of the w
  8. Just wanted to let you know that update b144 breaks the theme.
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