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  1. Well: thanks for your help. I have all contacts formatted as follows: Name Surname +39 [italian international prefix] 123 4567890 I changed the rule in order to accept 12 or 13 digits. The problem, as I told you, is that Message doesn't even open... I'll try again in a few hours and report back.
  2. Hallo! Thanks for this workflow. Just a problem here: I can't figure how to send SMS... I tried the following: **A** call Alfred and write "sms [contact name]" ENTER --> nothing happens (iMessage doesn't even open) **B** call Alfred and write "sms [contact number] test message" ENTER --> again nothing happens No error message, nothing at all. Strange enough: it seems that telephone calls correctly begin... Running MacBook Pro OSX 10.11.5 + iPhone 6 iOS 9.3.3, both in italian (maybe this is the point?)
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