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  1. Thanks for this, couldn't get it to work for the UK though (worked everywhere else I checked)
  2. I completely uninstalled it then reinstalled and set it up from scratch. Working now! I wondered if the location I had set had something to do with it. i.e. I had changed the default location from desktop to another folder. Then updated macOS (obviously including new file system) then it broke. Anyway it works now (with the previous location change).
  3. Anyone on High Sierra (GM) using this workflow? Mine has stopped working. I use it every day as well The report just states: FILE: /Users/me/Documents/Temp/test4.png Problem downloading test4_shrink.png
  4. Full of blurry goodness here. Thank you!
  5. Works fine for me thanks. (using FoldingText)
  6. Awesome work! The third option 'kind of' works in that I can search for tasks and add tasks. But it doesn't display like the applescript and pure python versions with all the icons and sections (a la your screen grab). If I type 'things ' a full list of every task in Things appears instead. Applescript version is working fine here.
  7. On the surface this workflow has the potential to melt my face right off with it's awesomeness but the performance is not good and the bouncy Pythons of which there are a couple at any time or not pleasant. I'm pretty good at not using nasty characters in Things, any chance you could let me have the applescript version pwwwease?
  8. The 'eject all' action isn't available in the workflow /action/system command/ menu even though I have it enabled in settings. Is it just a beta thing and will be in at some point? Ta.
  9. I love the clean simplicity of apps like the awesome Folding Text, iA Writer etc. Here is Alfred in his plane paper mode: http://cl.ly/image/0J3o2h1j0P04 Edit: Here is a download: iA Writer theme
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