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  1. Thank you so much for this! I knew something was wrong when I couldn't find a squirrel/chipmunk in the pack I had, when I just knew the emoji for it existed! I appreciate you updating it with so many of the new emoji!
  2. I would like to see this, too! I have an HTML signature that has images for social media channels, or a signature that is actually, you know, my signature. I used to use TextExpander for this, but with their recent subscription overhaul and the fact that it's a one-trick pony, I'd rather use Alfred for this where possible.
  3. Says the service is not available. I'm guessing his poor server is getting inundated with requests from everyone who just got Alfred 3 with the PowerPack and wants to import from TextExpander and such. Anyone have a mirror? That said, I'd be happy TO mirror if no one else can, with Daniel's permission, of course. ETA: Second link worked, even though it looked identical to the first one. o_o;; I just have one TextExpander snippet it couldn't handle-- the massive one from TidBITS.
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