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  1. I fixed this bug - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/82532678/Sidekick.alfredworkflow the problem was with omnifocus windows - if your omnifocus license is not activated it has an additional window that changes its position on focus/// - it is a bit weird behaviour/// I fixed it but I will not update the extension for now - this bug occurres only for people who did not bought omnifocus - so there is probably no reason for it...
  2. thx for reporting this bug - I will fix it tomorrow
  3. I have 6 desktop - everything works everywhere - I will test it with non appstore version a bit later// https://www.dropbox.com/s/zbappj76gu442eq/2016-10-09 18.28.50.gif?dl=0 - as you can see it works everywhere
  4. this workflow still using applescript - applescript is available in omnifocus pro only - so if you are using non pro version it will not work
  5. yes ofcourse - this is an updated gif https://www.dropbox.com/s/q1lbjwozpn84sh3/2016-10-09 18.09.46.gif?dl=0 sry did not know that old screen no longer available... the third version is almost finished - by the end of the month I will upload it
  6. if you mean alt+shift+a shortcut it was created to quickly add tasks in to selected project. I have just uploaded the latest version of the workflow - I've added a lot of new features and fixed all bugs ( I hope ) In a few minutes I will update topic description
  7. This is a simple workflow for quick full text search inside current pathfinder folder. It can: filter files in your current pathfinder folder full text search in your folder THERE IS NO FINDER SUPPORT - I don't use it and Im too lazy to add it - if you want you can add it yourself github download dependency - http://geoff.greer.fm/ag/speed/ Search Options: -a --all-types Search all files (doesn't include hidden files or patterns from ignore files) -D --debug Ridiculous debugging (probably not useful) --depth NUM Search up to NUM directories deep (Default: 25) -f --follow Follow symlinks -F --fixed-strings Alias for --literal for compatibility with grep -G --file-search-regex PATTERN Limit search to filenames matching PATTERN --hidden Search hidden files (obeys .*ignore files) -i --ignore-case Match case insensitively --ignore PATTERN Ignore files/directories matching PATTERN (literal file/directory names also allowed) --ignore-dir NAME Alias for --ignore for compatibility with ack. -m --max-count NUM Skip the rest of a file after NUM matches (Default: 10,000) --one-device Don't follow links to other devices. -p --path-to-agignore STRING Use .agignore file at STRING -Q --literal Don't parse PATTERN as a regular expression -s --case-sensitive Match case sensitively -S --smart-case Match case insensitively unless PATTERN contains uppercase characters (Enabled by default) --search-binary Search binary files for matches -t --all-text Search all text files (doesn't include hidden files) -u --unrestricted Search all files (ignore .agignore, .gitignore, etc.; searches binary and hidden files as well) -U --skip-vcs-ignores Ignore VCS ignore files (.gitignore, .hgignore, .svnignore; still obey .agignore) -v --invert-match -w --word-regexp Only match whole words -z --search-zip Search contents of compressed (e.g., gzip) files File Types: The search can be restricted to certain types of files. Example: ag --html needle - Searches for 'needle' in files with suffix .htm, .html, .shtml or .xhtml.
  8. A workflow for quick adding new tasks into selected OmniFocus project. Preview: It can: Filter tasks inside project Add new tasks with notes and clipboard content Run terminal command after your task is finished (mostly for git or whatever) Open note links (all at once) (discontinued in version 2) Copy note Delete tasks Quickly open tasks in omnifocus (discontinued in version 2) Complete tasks - version 2 - Work with completed tasks Search tasks and projects (both completed and uncompleted) in of database Change project selection Complete projects Flag unflag tasks and projects Added basic fantastical 2 support (disabled by default) Workflow now reopens itself with appleScript - Application('Alfred 3').runTrigger('sidekick',{inWorkflow:'com.sidekick.modi',withArgument:mode}); github download Version 2 works using omnifocus cached database - It is much faster than using applescript. I work with appstore omnifocus - so there is appstore cache folder set by default in the settings - https://www.dropbox.com/s/q1lbjwozpn84sh3/2016-10-09 18.09.46.gif?dl=0 - If you use non appstore version you should change db variable in the settings to ~/Library/Containers/com.omnigroup.OmniFocus2/Data/Library/Caches/com.omnigroup.OmniFocus2/OmniFocusDatabase2 to run terminal commands you need to add your script into the project description surrounded with | - for example |open http://www.alfredforum.com/|- will open alfred forum after every task you finish. use $1 to access task title and $2 to get task note This workflow is not 100% ready yet - there are a lot of things I'm planing to add: add new tasks (when started and finished) into calendar with link to the omnifocus task Timing app support (get start finish date and generate report what exactly I was doing during the task) finder/pathfinder support (add selected files with @2) chrome/safari support (add tabs urls with @3) automatically change settings when user opens workflow first time (in case user has not appstore version or does not have any third party apps) edit tasks inside alfred (do not know if it is usefull) change task parents creating new projects inside sidekick If you have any ideas how I can make this workflow better I will be glad to implement them
  9. I solved similar problem using https://github.com/cmus/cmus edit: ups sorry - I thought you want to play itunes media in alfred without opening itunes) - that will not solve your problem
  10. It is not safe to use growl on el capitan - there was no updates for too long - If you use it constantly it may bug a bit and start infinitely eating all your ram + swap - I have 32gb of ddr4 ram + 2 ssds an it eats all of it + 20gb of swap - it is ok when you are using mac and can kill it but if it bugs when you away you are risking to damage your hardware
  11. Hello, Im rewriting my old alfred 2 workflows using great alfred 3 json api and it is difficult to understand what icon types I can use - https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/inputs/script-filter/json/- it is not clearly described there(( "icon": { "type": "fileicon", "path": "~/Desktop" } - What other icon types I can use? Can I load icons using url? (I know that was impossible in alfred 2) or I should use something like https://github.com/sananth12/ImageScraper ? this is my old workflow preview I use it not only for movies but for parsing dynamic web content and an ability to load images using url and dynamicly resize them would make my life much easier - If it is not possible it is ok - I just wanted to check in case I missed it
  12. I checked the script - this is an alfred bug - here is an example I added a string http://tryhaskell.org/into return statement and alfred added a line feed
  13. thx ! - that helped me) my app switcher is https://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/ring-menu-shortcut-to-your/id934212116?mt=12&ign-mpt=uo%3D4 - ring menu - http://ring-menu.com/
  14. Hello, I use a simple jxa for getting url from devonthink this is the code Im using function run(argv) { var q=argv[0].split('/'),q=q[q.length-1].split('.')[0]; var qq=Application('/Applications/DEVONthink Pro.app').getRecordWithUuid(q).url(); return qq } But it adds %0A in the end of every link - this is not a script bug - this is an alfred 3 bug osx 10.11.5, alfred v 3.0 [652]
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