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  1. Hej, thanks for the great workflow, but i can setup the workflow with authentification and profile and everything seems alright. But if i start the workflow i get the first mask, but if i want to show for example Visitiors, nothing happens? Maybe a little incompatible problem with Alfred3 ? Can anyone help? THX Rolf
  2. Great Workflow. Thanks for your work.... Very helpful...! Best Rolf
  3. Hej to all, i am a new user on Mac and on Alfred.... I had some workflows installed and they are working great.... But my brain is old and often i canĀ“t remember the keywords.... Think it would be nice to have a workflow in Alfred, which lists the workflowname and the neccessary keyword(s) for the workflow. Does anyone here knows if there is already a workflow which do that and can point me to? THX Best Rolf
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