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  1. You can open many URL via "action" -> "Run script" open www.example.com open www.example2.com
  2. [Feature request] Add bookmark to Raindrop, for example with keyword "ra button" the drop down list will show all the collection with the keyword "button" and pick the one you want to save to. Thanks ! love it.
  3. Thank you so much!! EDIT* Just looked at your file, love your comment ascii art lol
  4. This is something I don't know I needed. Love it. Is it possible to have it show 50 latest post instead of hottest post? Thank you
  5. Happy holidays team Alfred Thank you for the great app!! It made me smile everyday xoxo
  6. Just wanna say thank you for the wonderful work!! : ) request: multi word search
  7. It's a hack but work. In this example I set the keyword to quit app to "xx" (you can change to a pretty emoji icon if you want, you will need to do some Googling for how to input unicode in applescript) Create a super simple workflow Hotkey to trigger (Show list of app to quit) -> Your hotkey to trigger Alfred -> then a applescript to type the "xx" keywork It's more or less a macro hack
  8. not 100% what you are looking for but what about use emoji to trigger it? : ) like: ?
  9. @BenziI fix the problem by changing Alfred preference. Back to default "standard mode" being able to fuzzy search on menu item is so freaking awesome, THANK YOU so much !!
  10. @BenziLove your work, but I ran into problem that only some of the menu item is available. Somehow the workflow didn't get all the item. Most noticeable in "Edit" menu. It there a way to troubleshoot? I am on Sierra with workflow version 1.4 for example in "safari", "copy" "paste" doesn't work (in fact non of the app can get "copy", "paste" to show up) Also possible exclude the menu item from the "apple menu icon"? it clutter up the result (not a big deal really) Thanks !!
  11. I exported from my workflow, you can take a look https://www.dropbox.com/s/vm3v6fmbneowipr/Search Ulysses 3.alfredworkflow?dl=0
  12. http://www.candlerblog.com/2013/04/10/ulysses-iii-search-alfred-workflow/ This workflow do let you search Ulysses in Alfred natively.
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