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  1. You can open many URL via "action" -> "Run script" open www.example.com open www.example2.com
  2. [Feature request] Add bookmark to Raindrop, for example with keyword "ra button" the drop down list will show all the collection with the keyword "button" and pick the one you want to save to. Thanks ! love it.
  3. Thank you so much!! EDIT* Just looked at your file, love your comment ascii art lol
  4. This is something I don't know I needed. Love it. Is it possible to have it show 50 latest post instead of hottest post? Thank you
  5. Happy holidays team Alfred Thank you for the great app!! It made me smile everyday xoxo
  6. Just wanna say thank you for the wonderful work!! : ) request: multi word search
  7. It's a hack but work. In this example I set the keyword to quit app to "xx" (you can change to a pretty emoji icon if you want, you will need to do some Googling for how to input unicode in applescript) Create a super simple workflow Hotkey to trigger (Show list of app to quit) -> Your hotkey to trigger Alfred -> then a applescript to type the "xx" keywork It's more or less a macro hack
  8. not 100% what you are looking for but what about use emoji to trigger it? : ) like: ?
  9. Just get back from a beautiful trip from Greece and saw this awesome huge 3.4 AWESONE update!! One of the feature I am super excited is "Snippet to trigger workflow" This is one of my often used workflow in KM, but it came with a WARNING because Alfred do send "DELETE" key to remove the snippet. KM you can set it to send DELETE or not. So if you have content selected it will DELETE it. ( like files in Finder, photo in Photos, in Browser will send you back to last page, bad news if you are writing a long message) A better approach with "string trigger workflow" is if Alfred can create a invisible listener (which won't steal the focus of the front most app) Hotkey trigger invisible listener -> snippet -> workflow Hammerspoon has a modal function which act this way prevent have to send dangerous DELETE key. Thanks for the great work again : )
  10. Base on what you wish you might also wanna check out this workflow
  11. In case you have not discovery "pass current selection in OS as argument" feature yet. Another super simple one which I use the most is "Search current selection in google". You basically link a "Hotkey" (with Argument "current selection in macOS) to "Search in google". The only down side is when you geeking out, you might end up 50 tabs open LOL
  12. Better yet you can change the trigger key to just "y" instead of "youtube" (less typing), It's under "Feature" -> "Web Search" Alfred is super flexible.
  13. You can also create custom workflow for it like this. In this example "md" will open "My Documents" Link "Keyword" (No Argument) to "Open File" Another way is to use this fantastic workflow from @jdfwarrior
  14. This link should help you out. or search forum. "query encode", I don't know how to do it but little search helps
  15. Couple interesting stuff I found alone the way, KM cannot tell the difference between mac keyboard BUT if you have an external keyboard it will be able to. https://forum.keyboardmaestro.com/t/double-tap-control/202 KM to enable Karabiner's "__HoldingKeyToKey__" Macro Trigger Option Using Long Press of Hot Key [Example] Better Touch Tool have some really interesting function too - Able to send hotkey to a "Background" app without bring it to the front. - Interesting Key Sequence trigger, beside usual string trigger, it can be use with modifier key alone, say tap "cmd" then tap "opt" to run an action. - can pop up a context menu with current "app menu" under mouse cursor, it's super handy for me with a super wide monitor where the menu is at FAR top right, so annoying to turn my head just to use the menu when I needed. ( But @Benzi fuzzy menu search totally kick ass for this problem !!)
  16. @nikivi Here is my solution for the "Launcher Mode" with KM which is what I think you are most interested. There are some pro and con compare to Karabiner. Pro: You can nest more then 2 layer deep if you wish. Con: maybe not a con depends on what you think, You can not make every key a special modifier key instead you have a global trigger key then trigger the key sequence. It's kind like the "Leader" key in Vim Basically I setup a hotkey to trigger KM palette (for the 1st character action) , then to trigger another palette (for the sequence letter action) You can find my original thread at KM here [SOLVED] Need help with special use for “palette” (Proting Launcher mode from Karabiner) This is an example for say "S" alone trigger open "Sublime Text" "S + S" trigger "Screen Shot" I pause in the above setting, that's the time it wait between the 2 characters. The macro will run action 1 if nothing is pressed in 0.2 second. The benefit with using KM is after you trigger the global hotkey you are in no rush to press the 1st letter, the timer start only when the 1st character is pressed. You can also change that timer differently for each setting to fit your typing style.
  17. @BenziI fix the problem by changing Alfred preference. Back to default "standard mode" being able to fuzzy search on menu item is so freaking awesome, THANK YOU so much !!
  18. @BenziLove your work, but I ran into problem that only some of the menu item is available. Somehow the workflow didn't get all the item. Most noticeable in "Edit" menu. It there a way to troubleshoot? I am on Sierra with workflow version 1.4 for example in "safari", "copy" "paste" doesn't work (in fact non of the app can get "copy", "paste" to show up) Also possible exclude the menu item from the "apple menu icon"? it clutter up the result (not a big deal really) Thanks !!
  19. @Vero thank you sooooo much. Now I can finally dance with my mac again. Love you guys great work!! @nikivi I am pretty much port everything from karabiner function with hammerspoon and KM. I will do a little write up and post here later today. @deanishe same here took me a while to remember wait I can do to finder. Application folder. Or spotlight. Also all the workflow that I setup. My fav is one key press search current selection in google. Best thing ever. So simple but yet powerful.
  20. really thinking buying the license again, so I don't have to wait for the eamil reply for the lost license.... MEGA SUPPORTER X 2 does this buy me special badge? haha
  21. Upgrade the OS and lost Alfred license, made me realize that I don't know how to use my mac anymore....... Have to wait for a human being to reply to my lost license..... pain...... never again.. I gonna tattoo my license on my back so this doesn't happen again
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