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    dunkaroo got a reaction from Andrew in Happy holidays team Alfred   
    Happy holidays team Alfred
    Thank you for the great app!! It made me smile everyday
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    dunkaroo got a reaction from dfay in Happy holidays team Alfred   
    Happy holidays team Alfred
    Thank you for the great app!! It made me smile everyday
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    dunkaroo reacted to fusco in Danger Zone   
    Link: https://github.com/josephfusco/Danger-Zone-Alfred-Theme

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    dunkaroo reacted to chrisbro in Bear workflow - search and create notes   
    @td. Thank you for the suggestions! I think they're great ideas that I'd like to implement, so I've created enhancement issues on Github to track them. A couple sound tricky but I do love a good challenge.
    Feel free to reach out to me if you ever have any other ideas!
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    dunkaroo got a reaction from Mehdi in Youtube Search   
    Better yet you can change the trigger key to just "y" instead of "youtube" (less typing), It's under "Feature" -> "Web Search"
    Alfred is super flexible.
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    dunkaroo reacted to Mehdi in bash : {query} with spaces in it   
    I added the --fail and --silent.
    Also, you're right it's instant, I was uploading a youtube video in the background that's what was slowing the internet down.. I feel like such a newbie on this one, sorry 
    Thanx a ton for your help, now I have Airmail, Trello and Youtube all perfectly setup on Alfred .. feels like the beginning of a love story between a man and a software 
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    dunkaroo got a reaction from Mehdi in bash : {query} with spaces in it   
    This link should help you out.
    or search forum. "query encode", I don't know how to do it but little search helps
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    dunkaroo reacted to warrenbuckley in Script Filter - cURL How to encode the spaces in the query from Alfred?   
    Update for anyone else reading this. I resolved it by manually replacing spaces with 20% with the following below
    #The base URL moved away from WebTask.io to Azure Functions baseurl='https://umbraco-alfred.azurewebsites.net/api/OurUmbNodeJS?' #The Type QS parameter typeparam='type=' #The Query QS parameter queryparam='&query=' #The Search query parameter from the last alfred workflow question query=$1 #Replace spaces in the query with 20% to url-encode it query=${query// /%20} #Concact the URL fullurl=$baseurl$typeparam$searchtype$queryparam$query #make the request with curl curl $fullurl #curl example with get #curl -G -v $baseurl --data-urlencode $typeparam$searchtype --data-urlencode $queryparam$query
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    dunkaroo reacted to robwalton in Ulysses workflow   
    I've put an Alfred workflow for Ulysses up at packal.org/workflow/ulysses and github. The page includes a download link, full instructions and an image. Please give it a go. The commands are briefly:
    Get help
    u:help -- Show a brief summary of commands Open group or sheet
    uf -- Find a group or sheet based on internal content u -- Open group or sheet (cmd-return to drill down) ug -- Open group (cmd-return to drill down) us -- Open sheet Pop open Ulysses Open dialogue
    uo -- Search for within Ulysses’ Open dialogue Create sheets
    un --Create new sheet with optional text (shift-enter to create in /Inbox) Alfred file actions
    Use the Open in Ulysses file action to open text-like files in Ulysses Use the Import into Ulysses file action to create a new sheet from text-like content Configure view to open
    u:setsheetview  -- Set the view for opening sheets with (defaults to 'Editor Only') u:setgroupview -- Set the view for opening groups with (defaults to 'Sheets') Thanks
    deanishe for the awesome Python workflow library dunkaroo for searching and file action help dfay for the new sheet code and file opener and importer katie for thoughts on how find command should work  
    The source is on github.
    --- Rob
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    dunkaroo reacted to Benzi in (faster) Menu Search   
    You're welcome. Although you might want to re-download because I've tried to make it even more snappier
    v1.4 - Caching
    Menu results are cached for a very short duration, resulting in even faster filtering of menu items.
    Check it out!
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    dunkaroo reacted to Benzi in (faster) Menu Search   
    I have re-implemented ctwise's excellent implementation of the Menu Search workflow in Swift.
    This version is ever so slightly faster (at least on my machine ) - YMMV.
    Requires OSX 10.7+
    Accessibility must be enabled for Alfred in order for this to work properly.
    For example, in macOS Sierra, this is configured using the Security and Privacy preference pane, under the Privacy tab with the Accessibility section selected. Alfred must be included in the list of apps allowed to control your computer. This step is required for the workflow to generate the list of menu items, and also click on a specific menu item. 
    Here's a snapshot of what the preference pane might look like in macOS Sierra.

    Type m in Alfred to list menu bar items for front most application You can filter menu items by name, or do a fuzzy search.
    m new tab will match the menu item New Tab m cw will match the menu item Close Window Settings
    You can change the workflow environment variables to fine tune menu listings
    -show-disabled true/false controls if diabled menu items should be shown (default is false) - change this setting if certain items are not displayed, even though active
    -show-apple-menu true/false if true, menus items under the apple menu will be shown (default is false)
    -max-children number how many sub-menu items to load for each menu item (default is 30)
    -max-depth number how many nested levels if sub menus should be listed (default is 10)
    v1.6 and above
    You can also have customised settings per app. Typing ms into Alfred will give you a list of options to configure your settings.txt config file. The workflow comes bundled with a sample configuration file for reference. Your app settings will override any workflow level variable settings you may have specified.
    Here's the settings file I use for reference:
    # always show disabled menu items appFilters { app: "BibDesk" showDisabledMenuItems: true } # for Safari, ignore the History and Bookmarks # menus since loading it take a lot of time appFilters { app: "Safari" ignoreMenuPaths { path: "History" } ignoreMenuPaths { path: "Bookmarks" } } # For Finder alone, show the Apple menu entries, # and ignore any recent entries listed in the # Apple > Recent Items menu appFilters { app: "Finder" showAppleMenu: true ignoreMenuPaths { path: "Apple" path: "Recent Items" } } Change log
    1.0 - Initial Release
    1.1 - Added Fuzzy Text Matching for Menus
    If you have a menu item New Tab, then typing m nt in Alfred will match New Tab, since n and t matches the first letters of the menu text.
    1.1.1 - Changed run behaviour to terminate previous script, this makes the experience slightly more faster
    1.2 - Completely native menu clicking, removed reliance on AppleScript
    1.2.1 - Performance improvements when generating menus using direct JSON encoding 1.2.2 - More performance improvements while filtering menu items 1.3 - Added -async flag to allow threaded scanning and populating of menus
    1.4 - Added -cache setting to enable menu result caching and also set a timeout for cache invalidation
    1.4.1 - Invalidate cache (if present) after actioning a menu press 1.4.2 - Slide the cache invalidation window forward in case we get invalidated by a near miss 1.4.3 - Speed improvements to caching, text search and fuzzy matching 1.4.4 - Added -no-apple-menu flag that will skip the apple menu items 1.4.5 - Tuned fuzzy matcher, allows non-continuous anchor token search 1.5 - Faster caching using protocol buffers
    1.5.1 - Reduced file creation for cache storage
    1.5.2 - Better support for command line apps that create menu bar owning applications
    1.5.3 - Protocol buffer everything - microscopic speed improvements, but hey...
    1.5.4 - Added various environment variables to fine tune menu listings
    1.5.5 - Tweaked ranking of search results for better menu listings
    1.6 - Per app customization via the `settings.txt` configuration file
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    dunkaroo got a reaction from Benzi in (faster) Menu Search   
    @BenziI fix the problem by changing Alfred preference. Back to default "standard mode"

    being able to fuzzy search on menu item is so freaking awesome, THANK YOU so much !!
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    dunkaroo got a reaction from nikivi in YAHHHH!! I don't know how to use my computer without Alfred   
    @Vero thank you sooooo much. Now I can finally dance with my mac again. Love you guys great work!!
    @nikivi I am pretty much port everything from karabiner function with hammerspoon and KM. I will do a little write up and post here later today. 
    @deanishe same here took me a while to remember wait I can do to finder. Application folder. Or spotlight. Also all the workflow that I setup. My fav is one key press search current selection in google. Best thing ever. So simple but yet powerful. 
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    dunkaroo got a reaction from switters in Shortcut for launching app in Alfred 3?   
    Create a simple workflow link trigger "Hotkey" to action "Launch app / file"

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    dunkaroo got a reaction from nikivi in A way to boost your productivity with Karabiner   
    As for sticky mode I prefer 2 key assign for trigger it. One for per app hotkey and one for global system commands. My keyboard layout is really different but if I am using normal layout I would most likely use "/" and "z" for easily pinky press which leave rest of the strong fingers to type rest of the character.  Those 2 keys are rare use so avoid how the "sticky key" alphabet character could show up when key is up instead when key press down ( just flow better on screen ), Also when I am typing fast I often smash 2 to 3 keys at the same time which will cause problem. I found being able to chain 2 character after the sticky key is enough, no need for the 1 character as an alphabet as well. There is no right way but YOUR way, use what ever make sense to you
    this is my reply to nikivi on Karabiner github page, I think it's worth to share here. for readability and the limited number of hotkeys combo could be used.
    skimming thru your XML, I am guessing you are assign a lots of hotkey to trigger "Keyboard Maestro" and "Alfred" workflow or opening apps, there is better way to do it without using a single hotkey too
    to launch apps
    to trigger "Keyboard Maestro" via applescript
    at the end of the page
    tell application "Keyboard Maestro Engine" do script "[Name or UID of Your Macro]" end tell to trigger "Alfred" via applescript
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