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  1. Ok. I will code it by self with hammerspoon. Thanks.
  2. Hi, Andrew. When You add the tab-key snippet expansion I'll be very glad and happy =)
  3. Hello, Andrew. I remind about request small and power feature — expanding snippets via tab key. I hope You find a window in Your busy schedule for realising this possibility. Thanks a lot.
  4. Andrew, could You please add tab interception? Trailing tab is more usual behavior for snippets expansion in all other applications.
  5. Sorry, but I didn't speak or write English at all, until recently. And I accustomed to speaking briefly. Forgive me for my cold Russian style I think, best appreciation to Andrew and Vero is my recommendations to all my friends to use this helpful application, without which I feel myself clumsy.
  6. What this mean? Will You add <tab> interception in the future minor release or not? In https://smilesoftware.com/textexpander this feature realized. P.S. Thanks for amazing application.
  7. Nice, but how about the <tab> character? I have a snippet "!important;" with keyword "im<tab>" and I want it to be expanded on "im<tab>", but not on "im" or "im ".
  8. Alfred trims trailing spaces and tabs in keyword. Fix it please.
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