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  1. I would like Alfred remote to be able to interact with Siri. It would be great if it were able to expose Siri commands to e.g. my HomePod interact with preset options in workflows I am aware there are many things that can be done with workflow/shortcuts interacting with Siri, but I can see a range of possibilities to run commands and services from a Mac, when initiated from a phone. as one use case Homepod’s can play music directly, but not the radio I can stream radio from my phone to the HomePod (and automate that) - but the phone stays in my pocket and whenever I walk out of range, say into the garden it disconnects. Alfred workflows already exist for Airfoil and Radio I’ve been playing radio happily from my Mac to the HomePod Just practicing my workflow editing “skills” right now... I imagine there are many other scenarios where a fixed location Mac could contribute valuably to HomePod or AppleTV or other airplay device when coupled with Siri enriched with Alfred workflows
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