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  1. Hi, I have been a user of TotalFinder by Binaryage for a long time, even longer than Alfred has been around. Due to changes on OS X it is no longer possible to run TotalFinder (unles you turn off SIPS), I'm about to update to Mojave, and this will be the end of TotalFinder for me. There is one feature I cannot live without, and I think it must be possible to make Alfred do this. This is such a great usability improvement I feel it would be a huge benefit to Alfred to implement something like this. The visor window is a Finder window that rolls up from the bottom of the screen whenever you hit the keyboard hotkey (Option + SPACE for me). It is the easiest and most convenient way to work with drag and drop I've ever found and that keyboard shortcut happens wihtout me even thinging about it. I've created a workflow that runs an apple script which very roughly aproximates it, but it is far from ideal. First off, it is very slow. Secondly, it only appears on the first display, whereas the visor windo should roll up on whichever desplay the mouse pointer is on. So, here is my feature request. Implement something along the lines of TotalFinder's Visor Window. An assignable keyboard hotkey that opens a finder window at the bottom of whichever screen the mouse pointer is on. Hitting the shortcut again while this visor is visible should make it roll back leaving the application you were working in as the frontmost app. Attached image show an activeated visor window, this is not the ne done by my apple script workflow. thanks, Dan
  2. I used this workflow all the time on my laptop so I could prevent it from sleeping when running shows at work. Possibly one of the most useful workflows I have but now with a new computer and therefore forced to upgrade to El Capitan it no longer works. I'm also using Alfred 3 now, I don't know if that would make a difference. I simply don't understand how it works, while I'm perfectly able to go into terminal and activate or deactivate caffeinate I can't see how the workflow does it's thing so modifying it to work with OSX 10.11 is beyond me. Is anyone able to help?
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