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  1. Hi, I have been a user of TotalFinder by Binaryage for a long time, even longer than Alfred has been around. Due to changes on OS X it is no longer possible to run TotalFinder (unles you turn off SIPS), I'm about to update to Mojave, and this will be the end of TotalFinder for me. There is one feature I cannot live without, and I think it must be possible to make Alfred do this. This is such a great usability improvement I feel it would be a huge benefit to Alfred to implement something like this. The visor window is a Finder window that rolls up from the bottom of the screen w
  2. I used this workflow all the time on my laptop so I could prevent it from sleeping when running shows at work. Possibly one of the most useful workflows I have but now with a new computer and therefore forced to upgrade to El Capitan it no longer works. I'm also using Alfred 3 now, I don't know if that would make a difference. I simply don't understand how it works, while I'm perfectly able to go into terminal and activate or deactivate caffeinate I can't see how the workflow does it's thing so modifying it to work with OSX 10.11 is beyond me. Is anyone able to help?
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