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    Canor reacted to jopemachine in Alfred-kakaotalk-workflow   
    Hi everyone,
    I've made some simple workflow searching chatting room of Kakaotalk.
    You can download and try it on below repository.
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    Canor reacted to deanishe in Firefox Assistant   
    Like Safari Assistant, but for Firefox.

    Download from GitHub.
    Search Firefox bookmarks Search Firefox browsing history Run bookmarklets Activate & close tabs Add you own custom scripts  
    The workflow requires you to install a corresponding Firefox extension in order to communicate with Firefox.
    After installing the workflow, run ffass > Install Firefox Extension to get the extension. Once the extension is installed, everything should just work.

    The workflow is fairly customisable. You can add your own URL actions via scripts, set custom icons, and assign URL & tab actions and bookmarklets to alternate hotkeys.
    See the documentation for details.
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