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  1. Super. All worked out. Thank you.
  2. Thanks. Just to be clear: the feedback mechanism will work if I change the output to JSON?
  3. Hi Deanishe, Sorry, but I wonder if you can help a bit more. I'm sorry for the newbie question. I am working with a python script that output an XML (using your Workflow library). It prepares a dictionary like this, where the values have been extracted previously from a text file, etc. <EDIT>: after digging around a bit more, I suspect that I am using a Workflow library that is too old. I guess I need the V2 branch. I'll try to figure out how to add it... </EDIT> _dict = {'title': title, 'uid': _arg, 'valid': True, 'arg': _arg, 'subtitle': sub } After your previous suggestion, I found the example XML file for a script filter of this kind, which recommends using something like this: <item uid="home" arg="~/" valid="NO" autocomplete="Home" type="file"> <title>Home Folder</title> <icon type="fileicon">~/</icon> <subtitle>Home folder ~/</subtitle> <subtitle mod="fn">Subtext when fn is pressed</subtitle> <subtitle mod="ctrl">Subtext when ctrl is pressed</subtitle> <subtitle mod="alt">Subtext when alt is pressed</subtitle> <subtitle mod="cmd">Subtext when cmd is pressed</subtitle> <quicklookurl>https://www.alfredapp.com/</quicklookurl> <mod key="shift" subtitle="New subtext when shift is pressed" valid="yes" arg="shiftmod"/> <text type="copy">Text when copying</text> <text type="largetype">Text for LargeType</text> </item> But I can't seem to figure out to properly add additional items to _dict. When I use, for example: _dict = {'title': title, 'uid': _arg, 'valid': True, 'arg': _arg, 'subtitle': sub, 'subtitle mod=\"cmd\"' : "whatever", } I get an error "unexpected keyword argument ". It is ultimately sent to Alfred like, this, with prep_res being the array of _dict(s), I think. What generates the error is the add_item. for item in prep_res: wf.add_item(**item) wf.send_feedback() I'm sure I'm not constructing the dict properly, but I'm afraid I'm in over my head. The entire script is here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/565419/bibquery.py. Ideas? Many thanks.
  4. Hi all, I've got a query to search BibDesk (based on BibQuery by Hackademic). See pic HERE. The topmost trigger "bb", can call some of the other trigger "ba" and "bt" (which I do using applescript). However, "bb", "ba", and "bt" share most of their actions. Right now, this results in a mess. But using a junction doesn't help, since it doesn't allow for modifier. Is there anyway to create some sort of junction that allows for modifiers? Thanks.
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