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  1. The preferences in Alfred used to work well for me. Recently it became abbreviated names. Instead of "Users & Groups", it says "Accounts.prefpane". Apparently Alfred takes names from /System/Library/PreferencePanes, instead of the ones shown in the System Preferences window. Attached is a screenshot of the results. I have tried to reset the searching scope, reset the cache and rebuilt the macOS metadata, along with restarting the computer. So far nothing has worked. Would appreciate very much if anyone can help me with this. Thanks.
  2. I've always wanted to migrate from Dash to Alfred for snippets expansion but {cursor} is the only reason I haven't done that! This function would really help make snippets expansion powerful!
  3. kazekara

    Material Theme

    An Alfred v3 theme inspired by Material Design. To download: https://github.com/zhongwei-z/Alfred-Material-Theme/raw/master/Material.alfredappearance Hope you enjoy!
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