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  1. Ah yes, it seems to work now. Weird. Thank you!
  2. Hi guys, I'm not sure what shortcut or settings I have on my Alfred which might have overlapped with the mac's emoji keyboard but it seems that when I have Alfred on, I can't activate the control+command+space shortcut to on my emojis. I can't find that shortcut being used in Alfred too. =(
  3. Oops, my iMac went dead. Finally fixed. I tried adding the hide Alfred, but it seems after hiding it didn't go back to the last selected window but defaulted to the finder so my shortcuts to activate Spectacle didn't work after all. Sad. Haha. Will try to find some other way to do this I guess. Still, thanks for the suggestions guys!
  4. Hi deanishe, I'm assuming you mean hide the Alfred window after you enter your commands (and before the queries hit the scripts)? How do you do that? I can't seem to find a command to slot in between the flow. Thanks to everyone who replied too! I'm checking out some of the suggested apps and workflows too. =D
  5. Hi guys, I'm using the spectacle app to control/move my windows around, but it's hard to remember all the different shortcut keys to move the windows, so I tried writing a short script in Alfred to enter the keys for me, so I can just type, move top left, etc and the hotkeys will be activated. But the problem is when I activate Alfred to produce that command, the window I want to move is no longer the 'active' window. How can I hit the command and it select the last selected window or app and push the shortcut there? Many thanks in advance!
  6. Hey Andrew, Icic, sounds good! Thanks for the answer~
  7. Hi guys, I can't seem to get arrow keys to work in dispatch key combos. Is that a bug or not intended to be added? Edit: I found that arrow keys do work, just that I was trying to enter more than 2 keys. So I guess the question is how do I add more than two keys? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi guys, Wondering if there's a way for workflows to be triggered by a folder action. Like, everytime I add a new file to the folder, I can start a workflow to rename, move, etc automatically?
  9. Hi guys, Wondering if there's a way to activate converting units and currencies by default? Since spotlight has that function, not sure if Alfred implements that into the new version without having to install any workflows?
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