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  1. Thank you Ross, Yesterday I updated to 3.0.3 and all the trouble started again. I thought I was the only one on this planet having this problem. Previous I reinstalled Keepass 3.0.2 end recreated all workflows. That worked, no problems anymore. Then, after the update, alle the strange keyboard-behavior was back again. I deleted the hotkey and assigned a input>keyword to the workflow. All the trouble was over. I think the update of Alfred, starting from 3.0.1 (3.0.0. did not have this problem) are the problem. At this moment I’m testing your workaround and it seems to work. I’ll test next days and hope this is the solution. It would be great if somebody could discover the cause of this “bug” appearing after each update since 3.0.1 For now thanks very much Rob
  2. Hi Vero, After two days of deduction the problem seems to be solved There was a conflict between the Wacom tablet driver and something with Alfred. I updated the WACOM driver to the last version and then the problem vanished. I was triggered for searching the WACOM driver because there was a entry in the console-log which I didn’t trusted. Then I de-installed the WACOM-driver, downloaded the newest one an installed it. Until know…a day later…no problem. I don’t know what was the exact problem, even don’t know 100% if the Wacom-driver was the problem but I’m happy for the moment! Thnx for helping me! Greetz Rob
  3. OK so I did the final deduction and disabled all workflows. Then created a new simple workflow bij first defining a hotkey then an file-action opening an Excel file and finally connected the two to each other. The result was the same, the keyboard got messed up as you can see here where it should say “qwerty”. Here you can find my brand new test workflow. I tested , retested with the same result. An insane keyboard after using an Alfred workflow where the only solution is rebooting. I really am out of options now I think? There are now several options: My Mac is buggy, My OS X is buggy, Alfred 3.01 is….or last but not least….I’m buggy CU
  4. OK did that. What is strange this behavior didn’t occur when working in Alfred 2 versions en Alfred 3.0 version…?! This seems to be the troublemaker:
  5. Hi Vero, Thank you for helping me! No, using a workflow will cause a global keyboard problem. It looks like the command key, the option key or the shift key is/are stuck. I can’t type any tekst because one of those function-keys seems to be pressed. FE pressing a “p” causes the command-p (print) option. This will happen in Word or Safari or…but only after using a Alfred workflow. There is the no other way to stop this strange behavior then a full reboot. You can download the logs you asked for here and here. Greetz Rob.
  6. Hi there, thnx for helping me out I spend several hours to create the gif you asked for. I didn’t succeed because when I start any Alfred workflow the keyboard starts getting its own life and it’s just impossible to work on… Sorry for that… Without using any workflow I don’t have any problem using Alfred or my computer. I also don’t experience any other problems until I use Alfred workflow. I don’t use the same hotkeys for spotlight and/or Alfred. Checked that multiple times. This could be found in the console.
  7. After upgrading from 3.0 to 3.01 I can startup workflows but immediate the keyboard becomes totally unusable. It seems like the command or option or another function-key is stuck. I can replicate this problem immediate bij starting up any of my workflows. In version 3.0 I had no problem. In 3.01 this problem started. Screenshots can’t be provided since the keyboard is unresponsive and does totally unexpected things. I’m using the newest Alfred version 3.01 and Mac OS X 10.11.5 When i don’t use Alfred workflows the keyboard is ok and there is no problem at all. Anybody who can help me? I used my workflows for years and did’t experience any problem before with these same workflows… THNX for helping
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