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  1. Yes, I tried visit website with HSTS and can't dump packet at port 80. It a good idea to remove `http://` added by Alfred.
  2. Or if Alfred can test https support, Alfred can make https as default. (I think this is not necessary.)
  3. I know many websites aren't set up https support. I just want Alfred give me two choice (http(default) & https) `baidu.com` is only an example.
  4. I had report this bug by email. But I didn't got a response. I am using Alfred 3 now. My mac has a private ipv4 address (e.g. and a public ipv6 address (e.g. 2001:db8::1). Now I can connect Alfred from my iOS device using ipv4 address. But I can’t use ipv6 address to connect to Alfred. (I tried using a domain name. I tried setting up a direct connection within Alfred.) I notice Alfred only listen to the ipv4 address. -------------update------------ It not a bug.
  5. When I enter a domain name (e.g. `baidu.com`) in alfred, I hope there are two choose. (currently there only the first one) - http://baidu.com - https://baidu.com I know visit http site will redirect to https site. I just want to visit https site directly. The only way is to enter `https://baidu.com`in alfred (I am not allowed to use that image extension on this community.)
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