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  1. Released v1.4.3 with a small fix for DT3 and removed an unnecessary search call that should double the speed of the workflow
  2. Okay I exported the workflow. Please give it a go - https://github.com/dvcrn/alfred-devonthink/releases/tag/v1.4.2 I've been using it with DT3 for a while and haven't noticed any issues but if you notice anything, let me know
  3. Oh yeah, looks like I forgot. I'll see if I can find some time later to add it
  4. Is that an actual tag now? I read about putting it in the Comments field at other places Also is this usable for folders or just for single files?
  5. Most of the stuff works with DT3 but the search currently doesn't. The applescript needs updating to call the correct app and didn't get around to doing that yet. A hotfix is to just change the name inside the script to "DEVONthink 3" until DT3 is fully released
  6. Thank you! I updated the workflow with this and released version 1.4.2. It should auto-update sometime
  7. Hrrm, can you tell me what it passes to the script? Open the workflow in alfred and hit the little bug icon on the top right. Then change "Interesting Information" to ""All Information" and execute the workflow while having that window open
  8. Updated to 1.4.1 https://github.com/dvcrn/alfred-devonthink/releases/tag/v1.4.1 Uses score correctly now and the results are pretty good! Really liking this new search. I reduced the results per DB to 5 which seems a good sweetspot to not be too slow. If that's not enough you can change the value inside devonsearch.js I tried to replicate what @sokolik_22 said but even for files that are not supported by DEVONthink, when I hit enter it just shows it in a DEVONthink window and doesn't open it in a different application. From there you can hit CMD-R and it will reveal the file inside DEVONthink
  9. @sokolik_22 I'll take a look at it! All documents I tested were supported by DEVONthink and opened inside it instead of an external app.
  10. Searching order right now works like this: It searches the first db, then the second, then the third and so on. After that, it just puts all the results into a big result list. Another idea was to merge them as is, so: first result of db1, first result of db2, first result of db3, etc but if your db doesn't have any good results it would just show really irrelevant things inside good results. Someone inside the devonthink forums just told me that 2.10.2 fixes the scoring being 0 problem, so I'll take a look at that later! For what to search, the search interface itself currently only supports this: Everything else would have to get implemented through other means (like finding the tag, then searching in that tag group, then filtering inside alfred by kind)
  11. I pushed an update (1.4.0) that uses the applescript search interface. It should auto-update but if it doesn't, get it here - https://github.com/dvcrn/alfred-devonthink/releases/tag/v1.4.0 Some caveats: - Sorting is a bit meh. There is a score field returned by DEVONthink but it's always 0 for me. I am currently just appending all results from each db - With a lot of results, it's very slow. I limited it to max 10 per db for now which feels like a good sweet spot Tags, I am not sure. It can search for tags, so maybe a separate tag search might make sense? I'l see if I can fix the sorting part somehow. 2 other ideas that came up while adding this: - Quick jump to a folder. DEVONthink doesn't have quick-jump functionality so Alfred could help out with that. Similar to how Safari Assistant does quick jump to open tabs - Quick move to. Similar to Quick Jump: Select something, hit a shortcut, fuzzy find a folder and it'll move the item to that folder instantly
  12. Looks like it's not that hard after all. Got a little proof of concept with the applescript interface working. It's not done yet but I'll try to get a update out this weekend / early next week ?
  13. Just a heads up - I tried rewriting the search to use DEVONthinks search interface but it looks like that's restricted to the currently selected database if not specified. I was also not able to find a way to get a list with all open databases that could be usable for this so I'm throwing the towel for now. If anyone has an idea, let me know!
  14. Yeah currently ordering seems a bit off since it's not using DEVONthinks engine for searching, but just spotlight. I want to change the search part to use DEVONthinks search applescript interface but didn't have time for that yet. And yes, tags are not searched yet.
  15. You mean like this? tell application id "DNtp" set newRecord to create record with {name:"foo", type:text, content:"foo"} in inbox open window for record newRecord activate end tell This creates a document, opens it in a new editor window and sets focus to DEVONthink
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