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  1. Hi! Can you help me with a workflow I regularly have. Maybe there is already an Alfred-workflow out there to do this. Here's the problem: If I import data (images, videos) from a (SD) card I want to separate them into a temporarily folder on the desktop. All image file (jpg, raw) should be in a subfolder "images", all video clips in a subfolder "videos". All other content should be ignored. Here's my idea on this: Run workflow "import card" (Maybe with card name as selection) If content is filetype image copy it to desktop/tempimport/images If content is filetype video copy it to desktop/tempimport/videos else skip file In the end send message "import card finished" After that I will import the images to Lightroom Classic. All videos will get moved to the correspond video folder that gets edited with Premiere Pro.
  2. @deanishe do you have a paypal me link for me? This is so amazing! Thaaaanks a lot!
  3. @deanishe I want a workflow where I can maybe loop the whole thing. E.g. grade 100, 30. So I can specify the value "100" and repeat it in the for-loop "30" times. The problem is... I can't write the code. So if you know how... PLEASE!
  4. Hi! I need something to "automatically" insert a number in a form and go to the next. I have to assign grades to my students online. One line by one and there from 0 to 100 points. I have 140 students and want to be a little bit faster. So now I insert e.g. 100 than TAB and again 100 ... My dream would be to insert in Alfred grade NUMBER and Alfred will insert the number and jumps to the next line (this works via tabulator key). Has someone an idea for this? Thanks a lot Martin
  5. I would love to have a similar function like the app Option+Space (Website). Search menu-items with Alfred.
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