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  1. casey

    Transmit 5 workflow?

    This sucks as it was my most used workflow. There is an option which can export your Favorites under Servers > Export. This prompts for a save location and outputs JSON array with arbitrarily named keys. I tried (with no success) to come up with a manual/local solution so I'm rolling back to v4 for until this is addressed.
  2. casey

    Transmit 5 workflow?

    +1 OP was asking about Transmit, not Transmission Transmit 5 is a complete rewrite of the original app and the old Transmit 4 workflows no longer work. Panic (the app author) has released a new service called Panic Sync. I believe a new workflow would need to interface with this service if an API is made available. I've reached out to their Team a few days ago but have not heard back. I'll post back if I hear anything.
  3. Great update, but Snippets was the main reason I updated. Bummed there's no fill-ins or {cursor} placement yet so here's my +1