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  1. Me neither! (but then again thats why I wrote it). The only thing I wish I had was a better way to search for emoji - as unicode.org doesn't really listen the aliases out there.
  2. I've just upgraded to OSX Mojave and a brand new MacBook (at work). I have a workflow that enables and disables various proxy settings via some bash commands. The old scrip that was called in the workflow is: sudo networksetup -setwebproxystate Wi-Fi on sudo networksetup -setsecurewebproxystate Wi-Fi on sudo networksetup -setautoproxystate Wi-Fi On sudo networksetup -setautoproxyurl Wi-Fi {query} sudo networksetup -setsecurewebproxy Wi-Fi $proxy_server 80 sudo networksetup -setwebproxy Wi-Fi $proxy_server 80 Suddenly inside Mojave I'm now getting this error:
  3. I've whipped up a little workflow which will allow you to send TTS (Text to Speech) phrases to various Sonos devices (assuming you have more than one). I primarily use it to send messages to my kids room telling him to clean up. Directions are available at the GitHub Repo. The plugin works by using lame and say to generate an .mp3 file (called tts.mp3) which is stored somewhere on a sonos accessible path (such as //imac/share). Once the file is generated the plugin utilizes SoCo (a python lib) to tell sonos to play the mp3 file. You can get the latest re
  4. This seems VERY similar to my workflow: https://github.com/jeeftor/alfredAirports Feel free to check it out - may or may not have more features - such as runway configurations and frequencies.
  5. Try the latest release from here: https://github.com/jeeftor/EmojiTaco/releases. I just downloaded to a new machine and it appears to be working correctly. ?️ ?️ ?️ ?️
  6. This workflow will let you search the ourairports.com airport database based on IATA or ICAO or local Airport codes. * Initialize with: aptinit * search with: apt * load specific details with: aptd Workflow available here: https://github.com/jeeftor/alfredAirports/releases/tag/v0.5
  7. Can you try to set a regex in the Exchange Detection Regex just put something like TEST in there and see if it works (its under the tc menu) It crashed on line 200: self.wf.logger.info('Regex: ' + REGEX) which to me looks like its trying to print out something that does not exist (aka the REGEX variable).
  8. Hmm.. obviously i'm pointing something out that i thought was always going to be a string. Do you have any meetings that have a number as their name or something? Are you using google or outlook or both? Could you open the: dbgtoday and open the log and send me the output? That might help things. In about 2 weeks i'm going to be on travel and have some time to work on making changes on the airplane. Did the plugin ever work before also? If we can find the line where its erring this should be an easy fix and i can get that done prob today.
  9. How would you sugg st I do this? Show just the remaining days in the week below? Or... show the full week? And you just have to navigate through? happy to give it a whirl
  10. If you are not running the "latest and greatest" its possible Emoji wont render on your system. The Emoji data comes off the Unicode website and I believe the Apple support gets updated depending on the support in the latest beta. Aka - I can't do bacon emoji right now but its supposed to be coming in iOS 10.2
  11. It would be cool if you could also scrape the inbox ...
  12. @MEs I think i noticed that also. It will take me a few days to get to it pretty busy this week.
  13. AHA (potentially) 1) The update script wasn't included in the workflow 2) there was an indentation issue with the code so it wouldn't have worked anyways. New update coming soon - and then maybe i'll push another update out the next day to test the update functionality.
  14. Hey - if you DO want to put the today workflow back on your system - i fixed the SSL issue a day or two after you mentioned it.

  15. To clarify: SSL IS ENABLED BY DEFAULT (as of version 3.9.2) a user does have the ability to disable it in the TC menu So if i understand magic arguments must be working correctly for the download to work. That explains something I think... But you cant have magic arguments + alfred result filtering correct? Thanks. If you want to give the workflow another shot security is completely baked in.
  16. This is strange. It's the second time its popped up: (https://github.com/jeeftor/alfredToday/issues/5) They did the command: dbgtoday workflow:deletecache And that seemed to fix the issue. So looking at your logs here it pulls down: version 4.3 But its also reporting the the last run version is 4.3.0 I wonder if this is at all related??? @deanishe Am I calling the workflow update stuff correctly? if __name__ == '__main__': wf = Workflow3(libraries
  17. Awesome. Did you try the new quick look "shift" template. It could use a little work but it's better than it was.
  18. Looks like we are going to need a 4.1 I wonder if you could check your settings.json file which you can find with: dbgtoday workflow:opendata Here is an example settings file. { "__workflow_last_version": "4.0.1", "calendar:h0agblv8sf9c6ruvb6r16e7h80@group.calendar.google.com:2": { "value": "1\t2" }, "regex": { "value": "(https:\\\\/\\\\/meet.xxxxx.org[^\\\"]*)" }, "use_google": { "value": "1" } } In a previous release I was just storing a 1 or 0 for the value command, but in this release I add a second number which is the calenda
  19. MEs you asked what fields i'm capturing - right now time, location, hangout URL, and meeting name (i think). For exchange I actually pull the meeting body out and create a temp file that is connected to quick look. I'm hoping to add this eventually as well as some other things like iCloud calendar, better meeting detection URLs and update the meeting QuickLook template. I made a 4.0: 4.0 IS READY FOR ACTION! Each calendar has a unique event icon to match its color code. In theory should be the same as the color it shows up in your cal i think.
  20. I have a rough version of multi-calendar support up and running now. https://github.com/jeeftor/alfredToday/releases/tag/v3.9.9 Things aren't super polished but I refactored all the google stuff into a single class that can query calendars and events. Its a little slower than i like right now (2-3 seconds) to get a list of all the available calendars from google but its a good start. I was able to pull 3 different events from 3 different calendars down - so thats awesome. I added a new command Alfred Today-Configure Google Calendars (tcgc). This comm
  21. This is very helpfu. I didn't change the main code yet so it should still not work for you but I have an idea what is maybe causing issue. What test shows if we pull the correct calendar Id we get events. Currently it's hard coded to pull some default calendar that maybe doesn't exist for everybody. This weekend I'll try to add a feature to better access either the right calendars or give you a list of calendars. I think it's hard coded to something that perhaps doesn't work for everybody the other thing I need to check is time zone issues.
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