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  1. As soon as I had loaded up v3 (and started looking through all the options again) this was the first thing I thought of. +1 on this request from me.
  2. I've finally fixed the bug, you can see the commentary on my blog post: http://techpragmatist.co.uk/tp/links/2015/01/28/2114 Also Shawn, the layout plugin doesn't handle multiple monitors, something that is crucial for me, I use up to 4 at a time.
  3. OSX: 10.10 Yosemite, public beta (build 14A329r[/size]) Alfred: 2.4 (build 279) Workflow: Window Snap (https://bitbucket.org/adamhorner/macwindowmgmt) Error: "error type -10810" running the AppleScripts that are part of the workflow (I think this means permission denied from the accessibility framework, but not totally sure). The same error happens when attempting to run the script from the command line - from the directory of the workflow, call `./printWindowXYWH.scpt`, it results in the following: ./printWindowXYWH.scpt:159:169: execution error: An error of type -10810 has occurred. (-10810) I have previously added both Alfred and Terminal to the permissions for Accessibility in System Preferences, so I doubt that this is a problem with Alfred, most likely a problem with the AppleScript permissions system. The workaround which variously works is to open the same script in Apple's "Script Editor" application and run it from there. Once that works, the workflow works fine for a while (as does the script run from Terminal), however after some sort of timeout (not sure how long, a few minutes at most though), the system reverts to the previous behaviour of giving the -10810 error. In short, I doubt that this is an error in Alfred, but right now it renders one of my most used workflows next-to-useless in Yosemite, and since I am not an Apple developer, I won't carry any weight with Apple (I am a java/web developer though, so happy to help you debug this further if it is useful). I've attached a couple of screenshots in the hope that they help.
  4. Worked perfectly for my two simple intranet searches David, I think this will be useful for a number of users. (Really looking forward to migrated workflows, but I’m having fun migrating most of mine by hand myself
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