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  1. I followed your suggestions and updated my AWF to use REXML library (such a pain not to use Nokogiri to avoid dependancies!) Now you can use UTF-8 chars with no trouble (I hope) Thank you agin for your tips and feedback!
  2. Thank you for the feedback! Being new with Alfred every input that makes me learn something new is welcome! I didn't want to use XML libraries to avoid dependancies... I just found out that I already fixed the history issue, but, having some problems with PackAl, I wasn't able to update to the latest version. Try to update it now, everything should work, otherwise let me know!
  3. Since I love Ruby's fast syntax and ease of use maybe as much as I love Alfred, I decided to give Alfred the power to interpret Ruby, inspired by Altre's Python Interpreter. Ruby Interpreter also stores the last executed commands so you can re-use them and modify them later (set how much history you want to keep in Alfred Variables). Download from Packal
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