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  1. Thanks - I generally prefer keywords as there is no way I can remember all the shortcut keys I use daily. I'll have a play with the AppleScript.
  2. Workflow and HEIC image .zip link: https://alpha.transfer.sh Google Drive link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/12dLkyce2Ll00XnTzAe61kyHy1qbbza2N?usp=sharing What I am trying to achieve: Workflow triggered from keyword Take one or many selected HEIC files from current Finder window and pass each sequentially to the shell script that runs a simple imagemagick command Post a notification to the O/S once each image is converted
  3. I have deleted the workflow 20 times over trying to get it to work. I will re-create and upload.
  4. I am sure I've been able to do this easily in the past. I want the currently selected HEIC files in the Finder app to be passed as filenames to a shell script to convert to JPG files and remove the HEIC image files. Nothing I have tried works. Screenshot below shows a "File Action" specifying .HEIC file types feeding the shell script with a keyword feeding into the shell script as pictured. Script is simply: /usr/local/bin/magick mogrify -monitor -format jpg "{query}"
  5. Should have known better than to start a flame war. Apologies for offending your product
  6. No, I am re-thinking how I approach it. I don't want external scripts, I was doing it in Alfred so I could just manage a workflow plugin. In the Linux world args passed to scripts are space delimited. Not sure why Alfred decided to do it different. Maybe it was ease of input in the GUI keyword prompt (spaced strings would then have to be quoted), not sure, but I know it is a bit is a pain for my needs. At least it could have been an option. I think I will just write a one liner int he Alfred script input to break apart $1 at spaces to create my args.
  7. Hi - I am trying to run a bash script and pass in 3 args from and Alfred keyword input type. I want to validate the input and exit if 3 args are not passed. The issue I have is that when using "with input as argv" bash only sees a single argument, ie. I can't then do something like: if [ "$#" -ne 3 ]; then echo "3 arguments required" exit 1 fi because bash only sees a single arg verified with a test script: echo "$#" > /Users/ilium007/sandpit/ilium007.txt echo $@ >> /Users/ilium007/sandpit/ilium007.txt which results in: 04:44 pm ilium007@MBP ~/sandpit $ cat ilium007.ts
  8. I needed a workflow to handle multiple images so I modified this one to do just that. Hope you don't mind. My code below: on alfred_script(target_width) set theCount to 0 set currSelection to {} tell application "Finder" set theSelection to selection end tell repeat with this_file in theSelection -- try to get a jpg or png try tell application "Finder" set myPath to POSIX path of (this_file as text) end tell tell application "Image Events" -- open the image file set this_image to open myPath -- get dimensio
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