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  1. When Alfred indexes the Bookmarks file, it appears to ignore this URL format, which I use to link directly to OneNote pages. This doesn't show up at all in my Alfred index: { "name": "Quick Notes (OneNote Section)", "type": "url", "url": "onenote:section-id={6FD096E6-2A85-B24F-9102-B1ADAAAAAAAA}&end" }, However, if I just change the URL to a simple HTTPS URL then Alfred immediately finds it: "url": "https://mozilla.org" Can this be fixed so that all URLs, including local ones or app-specific links, are found by Alfred? Alfred is able to handle local URLs in individual .url files, but pulling these up is slower in search than the Chrome bookmarks so I would like to use the latter. Thanks for the amazing app!
  2. That's helpful Vero. It looks like I can get the speed I need by setting my important URLs as Workflows instead of Safari URLs. Thank you!
  3. Thanks for the response. "typing somewhat quickly and selecting a Safari Bookmark" is the use case here, which is built-in default behavior if I'm not missing something. What are you referring to with a web service that "takes multiple seconds to return?" Can you tell me why, when typing "bm <enter>" quickly, per the example above Alfred fairly consistently returns an item that is not the top item either in the "b" list or the "bm" list of Safari bookmarks? That seems highly unlikely to be the "as designed" behavior. This is still happening frequently and means I have to type the characters, then wait for the final list of bookmarks to appear, then hit <enter> each time even for a simple Safari bookmark. It's impossible to simply type quickly and hit <enter> even in the most basic case.
  4. Current Behavior: typing a multi-character keyword then <Enter> quickly selects a seemingly random item. Expected Behavior: typing a multi-character keyword then <Enter> quickly should select the top item for that keyword Repro Steps: 1. Bind a multi-character keyword (in my case bm) to an Alfred item (e.g. "Business Mail") 2. Bind the first character of that keyword (e.g. b ) to a different Alfred item (e.g. "Bluetooth") 3. type the keyword from #1 and <Enter> quickly The problem appears to happen because the <Enter> press happens before Alfred finishes generating the final list. If the user has typed characters before <Enter> then the use case is certainly going to be that the user expects all those characters to finish appearing before an item is selected. I repro this nearly 100% of the time on the latest Macbook. This is disrupting my workflow a lot because I intend my business mail to open and something else does. This seems an essential fix for power users and fast typists. Hope you can help! Images here for what I get with 'b' only, 'bm' only, and with bm <enter> typed quickly. https://imgur.com/a/2jUsw Using Alfred 3.0.2 Using El Capitan 10.11.5 Edit: I'm only able to repro this with bookmarks that are in a nested folder structure in Safari. Top-level bookmarks do not repro. When I move a bookmark into nested folders (e.g. Nested Folder 1 -> Nested Folder 2 -> Nested Folder 3 -> My Bookmark), I can consistently repro; when I move the bookmark to the top level I don't repro at all. I can solve my issue by just moving all bookmarks to the top level, so this looks like more of a corner case bug.
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