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  1. Is this updated workflow supposed to work with the *newer" dropbox versions? It seems not to work on my side :/ The description says "Note that you can set any folder, like "/Users/MY NAME/Pictures/", but the URL or shortened URL will not work." - so I guess this wont work anymore? What is this update about? Can't find any changelog unfortunately. @Carlos-Sz could you shed some light onto this, please?
  2. Did anyone succeed with version 2? I could not locate the download links, neither..
  3. Dropbox killed the public link feature on March 15th, I fear that this workflow might not work again since the images are embedded in a webpage and there is no direct link to the image anymore. I wish somebody will prove me wrong.. Announcement: https://www.dropbox.com/help/16
  4. Does the workflow now still work with the "default" public links being disabled by dropbox or not? Sorry for the extra question but I tried to download the workflow from post 1 in this thread and it seems to still use the "old" url scheme which does not work anymore? Did I miss something, which download links got updated?
  5. How does this effect JPEG Mini? I have the pro version installed and it looks like it is not used at all - and it's not in the bundle, right?
  6. Any updates on this for Alfred v3? This was one of the workflows I used most and it worked until I (stupidly) removed Alfred 2 from my mac :/ p.s.: the settings file - dropbox link does not work anymore.. so I am stuck!
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