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  1. Hey, i tried the workflow on my other mac and it worked just fine. So i tried something different. I deleted all application support files regarding pinboard workflow, as well as alfred and the workflow itself. Then i reinstalled everything and now it works. I think there were some invalid credentials due to the update from different versions. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for everything!
  2. Hey, i tested the new version as well as adding script editor and alfred to accessibility settings. Still not working. If i enter "pa" nothing happens. No error, no notification. My credentials work fine - i can fire "ps" and everything shows up. Also "preload" works. The credentials work also in other applications. You’re welcome.
  3. Hey, thanks for your quick replies. I tried Chrome as well as Safari. None of them worked. As you suggested i tried version 1.3. - but in this version i am not able to enter my api-token. With version 1.5. it is still not working to add bookmarks. Whether Safari nor Chrome. – Johannes
  4. Hey, alfred-pinboard worked great for me. But since version 1.4. for alfred 3 i am not able to add bookmarks via "pa" or hotkey. Do you have any ideas? I also re-installed, shut down alfred, but nothing works for me. All other options work fine. Thanks in Advance!
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