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  1. See, I knew I wasn't using the right search terms. And just your mention of "Hazel" was enough, I think, to configure a reasonably fast solution. I used to FTP files to sites all the time but I'm still pretty much in 2010 when it comes to code/protocols - I had kids. (I hope that's 'nuff said.) I'm scrambling to catch up to you et al in what time I can carve out. Your answer, however, has definitely put me on the right track. Thank you so much!
  2. Hoping this is the right place to post. I've been searching everywhere (this site and the web) and while I'm sure someone has made a version of the workflow I need I'm just as certain I'm using the wrong search string. Why it's needed: I'm finding that the thing that's taking the most time in my weekly workflow is collecting images and screenshots, uploading them to my wordpress site, gathering the URLs for all the images, then pasting the URLs into the weekly shownotes for my podcast—shownotes that I have to upload to the podcast media host which then places them to all the destinations (including my wordpress site). I work in Markdown for speed and have managed to find a way to auto-code all of the links and notes I collect during the week from Google Sheets into my Shownotes Markdown Template, so that takes about 30 seconds to generate every Friday (down from it taking hours - so that's great). Gathering URLs for any and all images for the shownotes, though, takes For. Ever. What is needed: A workflow that would— go to a specific Google Drive* or Dropbox folder download (or otherwise "get") all the images in that folder put/move/upload/place those images into a specific wordpress.org/self-hosted WP site's media library provide me the URLs to those newly uploaded images I rather expected I'd be able to find, if not one complete workflow, at least a couple or several I could cobble together—but no luck, and my workflow building skills aren't up to speed yet. I'd managed to get a python script to work on my iPhone/Editorial app once — but not pulling from Google Drive and not with multiple images. Any ideas/guidance/links/tutorials = much appreciated! *(an assistant uses GD right now, but could use either)
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