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    Eukaryote got a reaction from sammysam in Snippets Reformat Paragraphs in Microsoft Word   
    Thanks for the response! I really appreciate it! 
    I'm using Word 16.11.1, (build 180319)/Alfred 3.6 [903], and macOS 10.13.4. 
    I am attaching a template that I use when I'm drafting pleadings, and I included an explanation. 
    I should have pointed out in my original post that it's also likely an automatic numbering issue, which definitely causes all kinds of issues! 
    In thinking about this more, is there a way that you can have a snippet trigger a workflow that "copies text only" and "doesn't merge list when copying" into Word? 
    I've uploaded a bare-bones copy of my template to dropbox, which can be accessed here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ctbidxpf2ygifav/Test Document.docx?dl=0
    Thanks again for your help! 
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